‘Too Busy, Too Busy’

“I hear Curaçao is nice.”

Current felon and former Candidate Stupid’s 2016 Goat Rodeo Campaign Manager Paul Manafort has declined a court appearance on Friday saying he’s too busy being in prison to go to court (Fair Warning – it’s a PDF):

“I waive my right to appear because of the time involved in having the US. Marshal Service transport me to and from the courthouse.”

“Busy day ahead,” Paulie didn’t say to himself, “cannot sit in solitary if I go to court.”

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13 Responses to ‘Too Busy, Too Busy’

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    He’s probably too busy working on his forthcoming book, tentatively titled, “How I Screwed Over the Guy Who Screwed America Over.” They’re also considering “It’s Not ALL Fun & Games On the Camppaign Trail.”


  2. HarpoSnarx says:

    I picture:
    “What Happens in Dubrozni, Stays in DC”

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  3. “I Laundered Money for Russian Oligarchs, Fucked with National Elections in TWO Countries On Behalf of Comrade Putin, Facilitated the Transfer of the US Presidency to a Kremlin Asset and All I Got Was This Lousy Tee Shirt Prison Cell”

    True, it’s kinda long for a book title…


  4. Redhand says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a no-show like this before. Is is remotely possible he is capable of embarassment and shame?


  5. MDavis says:

    I saw a panel bit where the guests were saying “prosecutors are going to be putting this into plea agreements now: ‘You signed a plea agreement so this means you cannot coordinate with your co-defendants. See, you are not in the same situation as them anymore, so they are not co-defendants anymore.’ ”
    Let’s compare to something more common. Dine and dash is OK because this wasn’t explicitly stated: “when you look at a menu, those numbers over to the right are the price of the food, so you have to pay it.” Seriously, seems to me like that level of dumb.


  6. Bruce388 says:

    Running behind on stamping out his license plates.


  7. moeman says:

    He doesn’t want people to see his real hair.


  8. RWW says:

    He’s too busy on Google finding an escape route for when he’s pardoned for federal crimes by Herr Twitler. The trick is finding an asylum country that won’t extradite him, but is also fairly unlikely to let Putin’s poison boys in to get him, plus it has to have banks where his money is untouchable and have lots of expensive clothing stores. Being a soon-to-be international fugitive is hard work.


  9. roket says:

    He’s approaching Howard Hughes territory.


  10. Pyed says:

    He’s got everyone fooled! No one even suspects! He can’t leave prison now and take a chance on someone noticing and spoiling his plot. Any day now he’s going to reach for the top of his head and rip off this Paul Manafort mask to reveal Paul Manafort beneath it. Then, won’t they be surprised that no one ever guessed?


  11. ming says:

    I would like to add another count for crimes against fashion.

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