Petunia & Pals Wins The Morning!

The Death of the Media

Trump TeeVee!

Fox disciplines employees who set up Trump aide appearance 

“Fox News Channel said Tuesday that it is disciplining employees involved in an email exchange with an aide to President Trump’s former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to craft a ‘Fox & Friends’ interview with the environmental chief last year.
“The emails showed one of Pruitt’s aides suggesting the interview, passing along ‘talking points’ and given the chance by a Fox producer to approve a script written to introduce Pruitt. … Fox would not say who was being disciplined, noting that it was a personnel matter, and what that discipline involved. Earlier, the network had said that ‘this is not standard practice whatsoever and the matter is being addressed internally with those involved.’”

Gotta wonder about what “discipline” used to mean at Fox before the lecherous and gelatinous Roger Ailes has gone to his reward! Hubba-hubba!

But I digress.

It’s not surprising to anyone that Petunia & Pals lets their guests write their own bios (and probably other networks’ shows do too), but to script a marshmallow news interview with the Administration is pretty Pravda-like. Fox News is Republican state-run propaganda, and this story confirms it.

But what is really sad, to me anyway, is that given the softball questions from the Curvey Crotch, er, Couch that Pruitt felt he had to arrange talking points just oozes with manipulation and his own insecurity. Did he really think that The Dumb One was gonna ask him a Gotcha question? Or the Other Dumb One? Or that whoever the Petunia is this week even knows what a question is? Has Pruitt even seen this show and knows what this show is?

Also/too: one wonders if Pruitt did this knowing full-well that Dotard Donnie watches the program every morning while enjoying his Egg McMuffin and Diet Coke and Twattering out new policy initiatives based upon whether or not the Couch likes something, and this was the best way to get in front of him? There’s so much wrong here.

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4 Responses to Petunia & Pals Wins The Morning!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Hair Furor calling for a Gov’t.-run Newz Network leaves me puzzled. What would/could they show that his favoritest (iz a werd, I believe,) TV programs already don’t? Faux Newz currently runs with the salacious tidbits he devours incessantly, so perhaps there would be a “repeater” type of content, with it showing up on Trump TV (what else would they call it?) first, and then it would get regurgitated on Faux, and then reiterated ad nauseum, back and forth, with both stations reinforcing the propaganda all day and night, in a never-ending loop, 24/7.

    Knowing his narcissistic need for constant adulation, I reckon it would be fawning tributes, and glowing recounts of all his good works and would end up as just more fodder for his base. And one more excellent reason for not watching TV.

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  2. StonyPillow says:

    They were undoubtedly disciplined by Fox with a significant “War on Christmas” bonus. Four figures minimum.

    Happy Holidays, GOP TV!

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  3. RWW says:

    Fox is only “disciplining” their dipshit lackeys because Bill Shine’s presence in the White House has eliminated the need for any such clumsy interactions in the dissemination of pro-administration propaganda.

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  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    Boy I bet that unpaid intern got water boarded by Haus Muther Shine . . .

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