Frank Luntz Seeks Lifeboat


You guys, Wingnuttia’s word-person (non-Noot Division) and noted dapper man about town, Frank Luntz, haz a sad about the state of politics, and cannot figure out why all the shouty people—pundits like himself—are making him so sad…

…so he both sided the HELL out of it, and tried to build a lifeboat, but could not quite get to (say it with me, Scissorheads!) “I’m An Independent!”

Props to Howie (Hell done froze over, ol’  ‘Grain just praised Kurtz!) for not letting him slide off his past as the guy who gave the vocabulary lessons to Wingnuttia. Luntz is an architect of the problem he sees, though he tries mightily to deny it.

“It’s hard to be a partisan warrior when you see the damage it’s done.”

…which is about the most passive-voiced way to run away from being the architect of the most divisive political language ever used.

Of course, Luntz gets it partially right, and sweet Jeebus, he even points a sausage, er, finger, at Fox News when he says that citizens can no longer tell the difference between News and Opinion (and Fox has always blurred that line).

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3 Responses to Frank Luntz Seeks Lifeboat

  1. I’m with Ripley!

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  2. MJG says:

    If there is any justice in the world, after this all blows over, they will find his emaciated body in a double-wide in the sleaziest trailer park in the DC area.


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