Cindy Hyde-Smith Walks/Quacks/Swims Like a Duck

Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Theme Song?

Politico tells us…

A photograph from the 1975 edition of the Lawrence County Academy yearbook, published Friday by the Jackson Free Press, appears to show Hyde-Smith among a group of cheerleaders — including a mascot holding a Confederate flag who appears to be wearing a costume imitating a Confederate general’s uniform. A sophomore girl in the picture is identified in the caption as Cindy Hyde.

Following the Supreme Court’s 1969 mandate that America’s public schools must immediately be desegregated, Lawrence County Academy in Monticello, Mississippi, was one of many high schools established in the South on behalf of white parents who did not want their children to be educated alongside black students. 

And you could say, well, it wasn’t her decision, it was her parents to send her there… 

Hyde-Smith would go on to enroll her daughter at Brookhaven Academy, another Mississippi segregation school founded in 1970, the Free Press reported.

So, gotta give Ol’ Cindy credit: she’s been consistent her entire life. 

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10 Responses to Cindy Hyde-Smith Walks/Quacks/Swims Like a Duck

  1. laura says:

    They must be carefully taught….

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    • Jim says:

      Cindy making sure the Lost Cause is perpetuated among the Racists. God, I hope the voters make her a wretched historical footnote but I fear she will end up as another Mitch McConnell racist soldier in his Last Stand.


  2. Redhand says:

    While she cannot be blamed for her parents’ decision to enroll her in this lily-white “Christian Academy,” she is rightly condemned for not having learned a damn thing since.

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    The school’s nickname is The Rebels. Where could they have gotten that name?

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    Yep. She’s made it clear what she is. And those Mississippians who vote for her nevertheless will be making their own character equally clear.

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  5. donnah says:

    It’s terrifying that in two years time, this administration has reversed nearly all of the steps made forward in race relations, Gay rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights, transgender rights, and all of the other groups who had gained ground for basic human rights in this country.

    The meanness and hate in the Republican party is thriving, stoked by an opportunistic melonhead who cares little about the people in the US unless there is money to be made. That in itself is horrible enough, but then you realize that a large percentage of people here believe and support him and the Republican party. Even when he’s gone, they will still feel empowered.

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  6. E.A. Blair says:

    Maybe it’s true that victors write the histories, but the losers write the memoires – that’s why the South is still fighting the war they lost. We never should have readmitted them as states; they should have remained territories in perpetuity.

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