Thanksgiving Advice

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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Lolz, lolz, lolz. Thanks, TG!

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  2. ROFL! I have that exact vintage of Louis Jadot on my counter this very moment, but at the risk of starting a flame war: Alton Brown’s unstuffed turkey rules-ish (because of course we do it differently)

    I don’t mess with the ‘candied ginger’ crap in the brine but do put in a bunch of garlic, and the aromatics are lemon, parsley sage and garlic.

    Also looks like Tante Marie left all that flavor in the bottom of the roasting pan! As the Thanksgiving Dalek says: DE-GLAZEINATE! DE-GLAZEINATE! DE-GLAZEINATE! Pour off the juices, stick that pan on a stove burner and pour in a good cup or three of red wine, stir it around let burble furiously as you scrape along the bottom to get all that delicious delicious Mailliard Reaction product off the pan and into your belly your gravy. then add all that stuff to the stock you’re using for the gravy (which she also does ALL RONG! but that’s a flamewar for another day! )

    Thus endeth my unsolicited advice!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be wonderful, whether a lavish feast, a simple dinner or even a tee-vee dinner!

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    • Condi says:

      Agree, DR! Deglazing a pan –roast or sautee– is one of the big differences between home and pro cooks – never let that good stuff go to waste.

      I stirred in some cranberry chutney yesterday, turned the flame up high, then deglazed the pan –with a niece yelling “Mommy mommy, aunt Whatsit is making a fire!”– with an orange sherry before adding stock and roue. Yummy.

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  3. retiredeng says:

    I think the subtext of this video is actually saying that you really can’t cook a turkey and make it taste any better than wet cardboard. So, why even try? I love Mary’s expert delivery of this warning. Just cook it and enjoy each other’s company.


  4. MDavis says:

    We are a small family now. We did a chicken this year. It is plenty of evolved dinosaur to feed us. Especially when you start adding up side dishes.


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