Why Are All The Dogs Barking, Cindy?

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS):  “Mississippi history at its best!”

I know it’s Mississippi, but posing for pictures wearing a CSA cap and carrying a CSA rifle while at the home/library/museum of traitor and noted slave-economy enthusiast Jefferson Davis seems like an odd thing for a candidate (or would-be candidate: it was in 2014) to do, but I suppose Mississippi is an odd place.

Anyway, in related news, Hyde-Smith non-apologized for her previous lynching-enthusiasm comment:

“‘My comments [did not] mean I would enjoy any type of capital punishment sitting there witnessing this. You know, for anyone that was offended by my comments, I certainly apologize. There was no ill will, no intent whatsoever in my statements,’ she said. But Hyde-Smith added, ‘This comment was twisted and it was turned into a weapon to be used against me. A political weapon used for nothing but personal and political gain by my opponent,’ Hyde-Smith said.”

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12 Responses to Why Are All The Dogs Barking, Cindy?

  1. Jules MomCat says:

    Racist bitch!


  2. ming says:

    Sorry that you were offended. Not sorry.

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  3. Redhand says:

    “Also, y’all, no offense in mah words, but The South will rise a’gin!”


    • Plummet says:

      The South will rise a’gin!, because shit floats. Infamously said by yours truly just be fore getting my ass kicked by 2 guys in a Memphis bar (circa 1982)


  4. donnah says:

    Her Klan hoods are all neatly pressed, I’ll bet.


  5. Jim says:

    This hack is so far out of her depth as a Senator that it would be really pathetic except that she’s such an insult to the institution of the Senate. If elected, which is probably likely, she will be a passive puppet for the Turtle and nothing more.


  6. purplehead says:

    This comment was twisted and it was turned into a noose to be used to hang me. A political noose used for nothing but personal and political lynching by my opponent,’ Hyde-Smith did not quite, but meant to, say.


  7. roket says:

    Being politically correct is a complete waste of time for a republican.


  8. StonyPillow says:

    Just pride in a heritage of sedition and treason, nothing to see here, folks.


  9. sleeve98 says:

    Yeah, I said it yesterday. Instead of learning that these are the consequences of their behavior or speech, they’re the VICTIMS now that THEY got a black eye. The poor dears.


  10. HarpoSnarx says:

    Take that you commie libtards! Bye y’all!


  11. Marco says:

    The “debate” was a disaster for her. She was allowed to bring notes to the debate after her campaign whined and stomped its feet. From a report, Hyde-Smith got the election date wrong (she said it’s November 22, while it’s actually November 27th). Another Reptilican loser.


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