Save the Date!

Take a guess, Sam.

Yup, a meeting of the mindless, as Destroyer of Kansas, noted theocrat, and Ayn Rand superfanboi Sam Brownback will be joining Jim Bakker’s Ole Tyme Potato Slop Grifter Hour. Hilarity is sure to ensure, like a sneeze during a piss.

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6 Responses to Save the Date!

  1. laura says:

    Hey! Snap To! 19 “people” are talking about it, so it must be a BFD, as the kids are wont to say.


    • laura says:

      And those 19 replies, oh my sides, they are hi-larious! I’m schadenfreuding so hard on this post, I may not have room for jello tomorrow.


  2. “US Ambassador for Christofascist relations” is vastly more appropriate title. The only religious ‘freedom’ he ever advocates for is the freedom to impose his religion on others at the point of the US’s sword.


  3. donnah says:

    A meeting of those “minds” could result in a catastrophic IQ black hole, sucking everyone and everything into it.

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  4. Redhand says:

    It’s hard to decide which of the three is the worst. But my vote is for Brownback, whose record for public harm is stunning.

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