Welcome Home!

May the Doxie Be With You!

The Empire, er, Fourth Reich is gonna start re-deploying its, um,  deployment of Storm Troopers U.S. troops from the southern border without explaining to anyone why they are no longer necessary to stop the dangerous hordes of women and children invaders fleeing poverty and violence.

As you might recall, Cadet Bone Spurs sent 15,000, er, 6,000 active-duty troops to the border, which absolutely everyone everywhere knew was an election-year stunt given that A) the military couldn’t do anything to these asylum seekers even if they wanted to, and 2) the Caravan-o-Doom was hundreds/thousands of miles away. Go figure!

“Democrats and Republicans have criticized the deployment as a ploy by the president to use active-duty military forces as a prop to try to stem Republican losses in this month’s midterm elections. The general overseeing the deployment told POLITICO on Monday that the first troops will start heading home in the coming days as some are already unneeded, having completed the missions for which they were sent.” POLITICO

Anyway, Prznint Stupid, when you remove the troops after the election but before the caravan-o-doom arrives it makes everyone wonder why you deployed the troops in the first place. So, congrats on wagging the dog.

Oh? and the cost for his election-driven conspiracy theory to get Fox News and Possum Hollar panicked? About $200M Ameros.

You’re welcome, asshole.

Hope the GOP reimburses us. 

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5 Responses to Welcome Home!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Let’s all hope that the majority of those deployed for this horrendous stunt arrive home in time for a hearty Thanksgiving feast – hell, even a hot dog or hamburger would be a vast improvement over the MREs they were consigned to eating, since there was a lack of electrical power, hot showers, hot meals, and even Interweb access and phone-charging facilities.
    Like a well-oiled machine, it was. Truly a reflection on not just this administration, but their disdain for the troops themselves.

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  2. vonBeavis says:

    As you may recall from the attack of the clones, those stormtroopers were good guys who were triggered like Manchurian candidates to turn on Obi Wan and the old republic. As a former soldier retreaded after 9/11, not as many of my comrades support the orange menace as you may believe. I did share lunch today with our command sergeant major, an imposing fellow who tried to sound apolitical but let enough slip that he supports ol’ baggy golf pants. There are some of them and its usually due to a religious standpoint, evangelical or Catholic. Point is, those troops who got (illegally) pulled toward the border right before Thanksgiving didn’t sign up for that shit and ain’t stormtroopers (and this reference isn’t the 3rd Reich version). They became unwitting political pawns. Just sayin, TG.

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    • tengrain says:

      VonBeavis –

      Let me be unambiguous: The troops are the good guys in this stunt, and the Mango-Hued Shitgibbon should be ashamed for using them as props.



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  3. roket says:

    This cannot be good for morale. Woe to the Republic.

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    Whatever the reason, or lack of one? We can all be happy he is bringing our troops home. They don’t deserve a deployment like that, and for that. The poor guys, and don’t try to tell me “they signed up for it”. No one signs up for duty like that.


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