Prznint Horndog Presents Award


Who is Trump Shtupping?

Be sure to watch the cringe-worthy embedded video as Comrade Horndog presents the Prznintial Medal of Freedumb to the Widow Scalia, in the manner of a true gentleman:

Admittedly Fat Tony was opposed to contraception and abortion, and clearly with nine kids he, um, walked the walk. But I’m not convinced that Mme. Scalia really wanted to emphasize to the entire country in this ceremony that she and her late husband played a lot of Slap-n-Tickle!

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9 Responses to Prznint Horndog Presents Award

  1. Torontonian says:

    This takes cringeworthy to a new depth.


  2. RWW says:

    You can see him reading the teleprompter in his usual bored, disinterested, low energy way, and then off the teleprompter showing his true crassness in making everything about him at the expense of the persons he’s supposedly honoring. I’m surprised he didn’t thank old Fat Tony for popping his clogs and enabling the appointment of a younger even more savage rightwing freak that Herr Twitler could pat himself on the back for.


  3. donnah says:

    I kept hoping Trump might show a glimmer, a tiny sliver of humanity, in his wretched life. Nope. He’s a pig, through and through.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Those in the audience who were laughing heartily are just as disgusting. And I didn’t see ANYONE cringing. Loyal bootlickers & asskissers, every single one.

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  5. Buttemilk Sky says:

    During a certain era, German women got a medal from their Fuhrer for producing a number of sons. Could be the inspiration for this. Or he just thinks he’s the MC of a Friars Club roast.


  6. Jim says:

    Trump is endlessly disgusting. Period.


  7. HarpoSnarx says:

    Come on, it was clearly rape and vape.


  8. joe says:

    walked the walk? or only had sex 9 times…..


  9. Ed says:

    What an example. Before you know it there will be people out there broadcasting to the world about how proud they are to be gay.


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