Oops, Cont.

“oops,” said Internet power-user Mark Faceberg.

There’s more fallout from the devastating NYTimes article on Facebook yesterday:

Faceberg comes off, as always, as disconnected, an innocent man-child billionaire and Sandberg is painted as the villain in all of this. But reading the interview on CBS leaves very little doubt that she is at the heart of this shit-show. Either the ‘bergs knew about this and they are eff’ed, or they didn’t know about it and should have and thus are eff’ed.

One of the more interesting tidbits is that Mark Miller (see the third bullet point) is also a contributor to the whole Crooked Media -Pod Save America empire, and so this is rippling into their credibility:

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4 Responses to Oops, Cont.

  1. a greater than this one story rant: This stupid habit of so-called liberal media having on their ‘conservative’ analysts again and again to provide bothsides ‘balance’ is just wearing me down; sure, have someone form the other side there to explain thir position, but when they lie to your face DON’T HAVE THEM ON AGAIN. If you do, you’re not ‘news’ you’re entertainment.

    We’re allegedly the ‘pro-reality’ side, so stop facilitating your own gaslighting.

    Also, it appear as if the Trump prion lying disease is spreading. These are absolutely transparent and bald-faced lies Faceberg and Sandberg keep spouting.


    • tengrain says:

      There’s a line in that article about Crooked Media that really hit me hard as a TRUTH: it is Meet the Press with a few fucks and dicks thrown in.

      Panel shows without experts.

      That said, I do laugh at Lovett or LeaveIt, but the panels are mostly political comics.



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  2. purplehead says:

    It’s really annoying that those mushy white guy podcasters are flying so high while Proleftpodcast remains an entreating gem among the cognoscenti. Damn, life ain’t right, sometimes. We gotta turn that around.

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  3. roket says:

    The Sgt Schultz routine never fails in an oligarchy.

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