Today in Conspiracy Theories

Our old pal Liz Crokin isn’t even waiting for the burned bodies to cool before declaring that the California Wildfires are a cover-up for the cannibal sex trafficking pedophiles that exist in her head.

You see, it’s about burning the evidence, just like how those clever cannibal sex traffickers filled-in the basement of Comet Ping-Pong!

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9 Responses to Today in Conspiracy Theories

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Makes sense… destroy a thumb drive by burning down your entire house…


  2. w3ski4me says:

    I understand we have Free Speech in our country, but who gave this nitwit a microphone?
    We do not have to hear from every nut case in the land.


    • HarpoSnarx says:

      You have to admit it keeps the sane diverted long enough to miss what the America F*ckers are up to. The stupid must flow!


  3. ming says:

    Poor thing. She really is mentally ill and can’t help it.

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  4. laura says:

    The shitbaggery is strong in Liz.
    She should come check out our air quality, the despair nuclear winter weather.


  5. roket says:

    Has she considered presenting her ‘evidence’ to the authorities? If not, what kind of concerned citizen is she exactly?


  6. paul fredine says:

    she’s a good example of why they chose ‘toxic’ as the word of the year.

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