News at 11.

They have standing to bring the suit, and pretty much this should be a slam-dunk.

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6 Responses to Boom.

  1. RWW says:

    How do Federal Courts like having doctored videos presented as evidence by the defense? I really hope there are penalties and jail time if they try to pull that crap in front of a judge.

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    • Osiris Opto says:

      It’s headed to the Supreme Court.

      Unitary executive be damned, the despots and dictators of the world are watching. Trump can’t back down or he’ll loose his standing as Putin’s useful idiot.



  2. Ellis Weiner says:

    CNN’s lawyer in this is Ted Olson. Emptywheel says Trump tried to recruit Olson earlier in the year to defend HIM. So ha ha big fat ha.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    It all depends on which Federal Court this suit lands in. After all, Yertle McTurtle has kept the Senate busy stuffing as many open positions for Judgeship (iz a werd?) with loyal Trumpeteers as possible, so the outcome is still a bit murky. Normal for Swamp Waters, donchaknow.


  4. Jules MomCat says:

    Democracy, circling the drain, is picking up speed.


  5. roket says:

    It’s time to discover just how many constitutional conservatives are actually out there.


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