Florida’s Hanging Chad, Redux

It’s Florida, Jake

If you say so…


Florida’s recount in three statewide races is already conjuring up images of the 2000 presidential election with legal skirmishes, chanting protesters and a possible ballot design issue that could potentially cost a candidate thousands of votes…

Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties started the recount Saturday evening, and Broward started early Sunday, though immediately there were problems with one of the tabulation machines…

  • In the race for U.S. Senate, Republican Gov. Rick Scott holds a 12,562-vote lead over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. Scott received 50.07% of the vote compared with Nelson’s 49.92%, a difference of just 0.15 percentage point.
  • In the race for governor, Republican nominee Ron DeSantis has a 33,684-vote advantage over Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum. DeSantis received 49.59% of the vote compared with Gillum’s 49.18%, a difference of 0.41 percentage point. Gillum withdrew his concession Saturday and called for all votes to be counted.
  • In the race for agriculture commissioner, Democratic nominee Nikki Fried has a 5,326-vote lead over Republican Matt Caldwell. Fried received 50.03% of the vote compared with Caldwell’s 49.97%, a difference of 0.06 percentage point.

And so once again the Crazee State of Florida is proving to us that all votes should be counted, and really look at those numbers! If anyone tells you that their vote doesn’t matter, just point to Florida’s track record. Besides getting Chimpy McStagger installed in 2000, it really could tip the rest of the country in time for the next open election in 2024.

If Florida ends up with a Republican Governor, especially one with the lax ethics of Ron DeSantis, you better believe the state will be gerrymandered following the 2020 Census!

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3 Responses to Florida’s Hanging Chad, Redux

  1. Debbie says:

    In Florida, Scott has made sure that 1.5 million people whose rights should be restored were not. He had a board that only approved a few a year, and he was on the board.
    We voted in the last election to restore rights to those who have served their time in prison. Also the ballot design hurts democrats because it is a heavy democrat county. Notice Red Tide Rick is not complaining about that at all. He is called out fraud and his own people and Fl dept law enforcement are saying no. He is a liar, when he rarely answers the question asked, and grifter supreme.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    What is it about Floriduh? They can’t seem to just have a regular election, without drama and calls of corruption? “Just the votes mam”, just the votes. They are in the East, what they presume Ca. is in the West. Counting all the votes is not election deceivery. Idiots.


    • Jim says:

      This iss not idiocy; this is diabolical Jim Crow. Florida was the first state after thhe Civil War to try to deprive African-Americans of their franchise even before the more well-known criminal states inn this regard. This has always been cracker territory and for the last 20 years, they have perfected the broken electoral system. This will only end if Gillum somehow makes it.


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