The Bar Shooter Knew The Game

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Slaughter

WSJ tells us…

 “A Facebook post published to his account around the time of the attack said, ‘I hope people call me insane… (laughing emojis).. wouldn’t that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah.. I’m insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is ‘hopes and prayers’.. or ‘keep you in my thoughts’… every time… and wonder why these keep happening…,’ a spokeswoman for the company confirmed.”

OK, so a disturbed gunman knows that no one will do anything about America’s gun problems. No encouragement there for other disturbed people, but the readers of the WSJ are more likely to be disturbed in other ways, I suppose?

And if that doesn’t put a chill down your spine, consider that the next crazy person you see wandering about and fighting with an invisible friend could be packing heat.

UPDATE 1: WSJ “Democrats Plan to Pursue Most Aggressive Gun-Control Legislation in Decades,” by WSJ’s Reid J. Epstein: “Democrats ousted at least 15 House Republicans with ‘A’ National Rifle Association ratings, while the candidates elected to replace them all scored an ‘F’ NRA rating.”

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4 Responses to The Bar Shooter Knew The Game

  1. roket says:

    Won’t his mean that Possum Holler and the NRA will have to start hating on veterans with untreated PTSD? What a conundrum.


  2. paleotectonics says:

    All these gunmen for years have known the game. It’s almost as if the script that the CowardRA has created for the political response (and, holy fuck me, did you see Marsha Blackburn [TN], said the quiet parts out loud, after Thousand Oaks she said “as long as everybody protects the 2A) includes a section for the aspiring massacrist.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    When the 2nd amendment is repealed, it won’t be the fault of the bleeding heart liberals (Though they will be the ones most blamed) It will be the NRA and their disciples that stood against every effort for reasonable gun control laws. When they leave the people with no other choice than to completely remove the 2nd amendment in order to restore a safe environment in this country then the people will take that step.

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  4. purplehead says:

    This is a righteous twitter run, ER personnel reacting to an NRA twit:

    Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control. Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves.

    OK, player.

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