Comrade Stupid to Short Sale Wilbur Ross?

Daily Deals with Wilbur Ross…zzz

The living Unisom who has taken human form, and infamous Sweet’N Low thief Wilbur Ross is rumored to be next to be You’re Fired’ed by our Stable Genius, Prznint Stupid. Shorted, if you will.

“Speculation is growing about the fate of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, about whom Trump has expressed private frustration. The 80-year-old billionaire has supported Trump’s controversial tariffs on trade partners, but may be asked to resign as Trump weighs post-midterm personnel changes.

“The leading candidate to replace Ross if that happens is now Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. McMahon has made clear she is interested in the position and would accept it if it is offered, according to a source familiar with the conversations.”

As we previously noted, Ross lied about his net worth for a decade; reports that he has been accused of financial crisis-era insider trading; hid his investments in a Russian shipping company with ties to Vladimir Putin whom he subsequently shorted; and cheated colleagues out of millions. Oh, yeah, he’s also a Sweet’N Low thief.

But none of these alleged ethical/legal lapses in moral turpitude explains why Prznint Stupid would short ole Wilburrrrr. Methinks the Grifter’N Chief is just upset because Ross never gave him a cut of the action.

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2 Responses to Comrade Stupid to Short Sale Wilbur Ross?

  1. Feline Mama says:

    “Another One of the Best” bites the dust. Is this a record?


  2. roket says:

    Is it too late for the preznint to say he doesn’t know Wilbur Ross?


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