‘No One Puts Liz Cheney In A Corner’

Liz Cheney stars in Dirty Dancing!

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie tell us the good news!

“LEADERSHIP WRANGLING … WYOMING REP. LIZ CHENEY is running for House Republican Conference chair no matter what happens this week, a source working on her leadership race tells us. In other words: if Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the current occupant of that position, opts to run again, Cheney will run against her.”

We’ve missed noted “patriot and mother” Rep. Liz Cheney, our greatest former assistant secretary of near eastern affairs (during Chimpy’s Reign Of Error) and the original exhibit A in the case against Nepotism until Jar-Jar Vanka. We look forward to her usual self aggrandizement.

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7 Responses to ‘No One Puts Liz Cheney In A Corner’

  1. donnah says:

    Oh, that’s not Liz! It’s cuter than she is, and its mouth is closed.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    As I used to say when some flunky got an undeserved promotion, The cream rises to the top.


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  4. laura says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I agree that daddy’s lol deferment is mean and nasty enough to be the grim face of the GOP. Cathy Mc-whatevs notwithstanding.


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