This Is Not a Distraction, This Is THE Main Issue

It is mind-bogglingly stupid that pundits are assuring us that Comrade Trump cannot do this after what we’ve been through the last two years.

What evidence is there that American institutions can stop him? What evidence is there that his Supreme Court will toss out this racist birthright crap out?

This is America in 2018 complete with pipe bombers, synagogue shooters, and other fine people with tiki torches, and Fox News Republicans are talking about immigrants using the kind of language that led to The Final Solution. And, no, I’m not exaggerating.

Do the pundits not understand this?

Of course Hair Füror is using immigrants to get Possum Hollar out to vote. But that kind of rhetoric is a Molotov cocktail!!!

Prznint Stupid knows that there is YUGE white supremacy constituency in America. Republicans are appealing to racial hatred, and that they know that the New Confederacy eats this up with a spoon.

Immigrants are in very real danger.

We MUST confront what is going on. We MUST take it seriously. We MUST wake up. And pundits MUST stop telling people TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT TRUMP DISTRACTING US.

I’m not going to find common cause with the people who want to march me, my family, and my friends and neighbors into the ovens.

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10 Responses to This Is Not a Distraction, This Is THE Main Issue

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The pundits are busily seeking some sort of phenomenon on the left so they can broadcast a post synagogue massacre ‘both sides’ narrative.

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  2. Kiwiwriter says:

    It’s not just the bloody 14th Amendment that’s at stake. It’s all of the Amendments, except the Second.

    The Trump flunkies on the Supreme Court will happily rule at “expedited hearing” that the President, in his capacity as “COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” has the right to prepare executive orders to protect this country and is, as Kavanaugh has written (this time for the majority) above the law.

    How long do you think Constitutional government will last once that happens? A month? A week? A day? After the 5-4 decision in “ACLU v. Trump,” the Glorious Leader will be up until dawn signing Executive Orders to dismantle democracy. And by the way, after that, the Second Amendment will be knocked off, too — all those militia nuts will either be purged (like the SA) or in a special police/armed force (like the SS).

    This is high noon for democracy. This is the end of man’s last best hope on Earth.

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  3. Feline Mama says:

    “I gotta keep Feeding MY people!! It’s all I got!! FEED ME! !! FEED ME!!!”

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  4. MDavis says:

    And now I sort of understand the popularity of zombies.
    Sean of the Dead, somehow a zombie comedy, I guess; 2004, Bush regime. Bush is a bumbling fool, but Republicans have Fox.
    Now we have the series, The Walking Dead, started in 2010. This was when Fox came into its own, isn’t it? It was OMG, the black guy is gonna kill us all because [insert conspiracy theory here]! The Fox zombies are everywhere, they are unstoppable and they are relentless. Why not make a series about them? They are the scariest thing out there. Just look around.

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  5. donnah says:

    Aaaand Lindsey Graham pulled his nose out of Trump’s ass just long enough to say he’s been for ending birthright citizenship all along.

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  6. moeman says:

    I know its Steve Schmidt but it is concise;

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    • Aurora S says:

      I mean, he’s not wrong…but has he ever mentioned being sorry for his work creating this monster? I hope he doesn’t think that just because he realized that the Republican Party is full of Republicans means we’re throwing him a life preserver when the shit hits the fan.

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    Does Dumpy not understand his own SON is an “Anchor Baby?”


    • MDavis says:

      No, he does not. He thinks he is in a separate class of human, a global citizen if you will, who, with all of his progeny (oh, and wives, I suppose) should be welcomed anywhere, with citizenship offered to his spawn like complementary mints are offered to visitors in those Other hotels.

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