Dobbs Does It Again!

That is what is known as an #EvergreenTweet!

Lou Dobbs is peddling conspiracy theories again, you guys!

Dobbs allowed Chris Farrell on his show to peddle an anti-Semitic trope about George Soros. The remark drew outrage after the episode was rebroadcast several times on Saturday, both before and after the Pittsburgh attack.

Fox was silent when asked if Dobbs was culpable for the comment made on his show, especially because Dobbs did NOT push back. At all.

This is not new turf for Dobbs, who has referred to Soros as an “evil SOB,” and “insidious.”

Come on… Fox.

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5 Responses to Dobbs Does It Again!

  1. Oh come on, they took the segment out of the on-air reruns rotation! That’s the least they could do. What more do you expect of the Göebbels Fair-n-Balanced Network!


  2. donnah says:

    FOX is dangerous on countless issues. As a visiting instructor for a group in Michigan a few years ago, I stayed with a husband and wife who have FOX news on all day long. I’d never seen it for more than a few minutes, until I could switch channels, but I was appalled by it. It’s nonstop aggressive, hate-filled rhetoric. People who watch it constantly like they did are brainwashed. And FOX is where hate is stoked and fed.

    Another teacher stayed there as well, and she talked about her family’s escape plan for when the angry mobs come. Angry mobs of people who are going to overrun the cities, killing us to take our food and our homes. The teacher and her husband actually have a hidden cabin in Kentucky with an escape plan to get there, where they have stockpiled food and guns. They have a son in NYC who has his own plan and a motorcycle ready to drive down to meet them when this apocalypse happens. IT IS REAL. People are planning survivalist scenarios where “others” take over the country by force. And they think it’s coming soon.

    FOX re-enforces this survival-against-the-Others thinking. If we don’t speak out against them, they will continue to brainwash more and more people. But we have to stop fooling ourselves about the gravity of this type of thinking. It won’t end well.


    • Karla says:

      The worst part of your story (to me) are the two words, “another teacher.” I hate to think people like this are teaching our kids.


      • donnah says:

        Fortunately, we teach adults, and to my knowledge she hasn’t shared her theories on a wide basis. I literally covered my mouth to keep from gaping at her when she spoke about it. I am naive about this stuff, but apparently there’s a big following. I was in Georgia last week and saw survivalist products in a tv commercial. Scary.


    • MDavis says:

      I was reading along … ‘another teacher … family plan … escape plan for when the angry mobs come’ and I am nodding along – we have an escape plan, too – and then it gradually became clear she meant the angry mobs of … snowflake, bleeding-heart liberal progressives?!?! I thought she was talking about the angry mobs of right wingers tearing things apart because they didn’t get their way.
      We already have angry mobs coming out of our unmentionables. They show up and refuel at every damn Trump rallye.
      Any rural-red area concealed permit class will have an instructor praising Obama because he inspired an increase in gun ownership and permitting. Ours did, an ex-cop.
      —pause for the irony to gather —
      And the wanna be a bomber guy with the pro Trump/Pence and anti-every female Democrat stickers all over his van? That guy would have his van dented and the glass broken? The deplorables know they can get away with this shit (not just stickers, but spouting the hostility and howling at “Soros”. The FOX brainwashed seem to seriously think that the glass-smashers are all lefties with a grudge, out to destroy society because Obama didn’t declare himself dictator for life, or who the heck knows what they think all those imaginary straw-lefties want.
      It is scary, and it is real, and the Democratic leadership has not been paying attention, but how much of that is due to the Gringrich gallop of attacks from within the ranks of elected Republicans nibbling away at our government and getting away with it repeatedly?
      And now I am officially off the track.
      We have a neighbor ten miles down the road with a mounted gun in his yard. I mean, it is mounted on a movable thingy so he can point it by moving that thingy. It is too big to move without that rail system. If shit hits the fan we don’t want to go near that part of the freeway. But I don’t know where else there are that sort of gun, the kind of guns you would find on a tank or something, so I don’t know if any roads would be safe.
      It is real and it is crazy.


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