2018: Why Are The Dogs Barking? Part Infinity.

Make the star blue and what have you got?

“Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

And thus Robert Bowers, the 48-year-old vicious anti-Semite and racist burst into the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Jewish community of Squirrel Hill and began shooting as Shabbat and other services were underway. He yelled, “All Jews must die,” as he began firing.

Eleven deaths later, and six still living victims in the hospital, our Prznint suggests that the solution is to have armed guards in synagogues. No one seems to have told him that 4 of the wounded were armed policemen, and that 2 of the policemen were on the SWAT team.

Hair Füror continued his plans to hold another Reichstag rally, because why not. Including chants of Lock Her Up, and all the usual racial slurs, Pocahontas, etc.

Comrade Trump does not seem to see a connection between declaring himself a (white) Nationalist and his enemies (such as George Soros) Globalists and why the dogs are all barking.

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  1. RWW says:

    And when the media declare that Trump hasn’t lost any support from his “base” we can go on to the next outrage. It’s so important to the media to keep validating him by continuing to measure his presidency by the support of stupid people who believe stupid things despite avalanches of evidence that they are just stupid.

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  2. Queasuy says:

    The first rule of personal protection:
    Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things.


  3. 9thousandfeet says:

    I think that what matters is not whether Trump sees any connection or not. (I’m undecided, I think he not only might see them, but also sees those connections as an essential part of the effectiveness of his schtick. He certainly understands more clearly than do the Dems just how bellicose and deeply racist almost half the US citizenry actually is, and just how to tap into those sentiments),
    I think what really matters is that the GOP leadership doesn’t show any signs of caring about those connections, which are totally fucking obvious.

    Not only that, but the media has just about given up on demanding coherent responses from any of them. When this shitshow started the media would run to Ryan and the others, shove a microphone in their faces and ask for a reaction to Trump’s latest “outrage”. A year or more of milquetoast responses like “unhelpful” and now here we are. The novocaine is working ever more effectively.

    The fascisti will prevail and we will be screwed unless:
    1) the GOP leadership changes it’s approach (which they can’t do so long as Trump owns 80% of “likely R voters”, and which he will continue to do under any imaginable circumstances now, no matter what he does or says), and/or
    2) prominent media figures finally start banding together in risking their access and their highly remunerative careers by getting up in their faces and really challenging this asshole and his functionaries in real time with real facts and relentless determination.

    I think it’s pretty clear at this point that neither Trump nor his immediate circle are the kind of people who will acquiesce to any adverse election outcome without fighting every inch of the way with whatever means, fair of foul, and that today’s GOP will fly air cover for any and all of those means no matter how immoral, illegal or draconian they may be.

    I think it’s equally clear that most liberals, most of the Dem party establishment, and almost all of the media don’t see this plainly, and are still clinging to the hope that elections will flip a switch such that the forces of darkness will slink back into their holes under a barrage of righteous Congressional activism and public sentiment much like some inspiring Hollywood movie script.
    Well they won’t, and if they continue to hold the Senate, which is likely, any amount of public sentiment or House activism, along with all progressive legislation, will be handily blocked and the court packing will continue apace.

    This is going to get much, much worse. We’re nowhere near the bottom yet, and when we get there, any attempts whatsoever to climb back up may well have become illegal. That’s their objective at this point, seems to me, in what is clearly a long game intended to transform the democratic process into meaningless hamster wheel activity.
    They are still gaining ground, not losing it, too.

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  4. donnah says:

    Dogs barking, foghorns blaring, sirens wailing…It’s Trump, stupid! I am angry, too, you racist f*ckers. I’m furious that your president gets countless hours of media air time to spew his dangerous rhetoric for salivating fellow racists. It makes me physically ill knowing that he’s inspired murder and hopes for assassination of his enemies. It makes me ill that he has free access to sources like FOX news and Rush Limbaugh who regurgitate his vindictive talking points.

    The midterms won’t save us, but they will be a giant leap forward if we take the House. We have to keep trying. Giving up would seal our fate as a failed democracy.

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  5. MJG says:

    I don’t think this is over. The Q-bots think they’ve gotten the go signal. Bombs/threats, active shooters, white powder and an assassination attempt or two aimed at liberals and people of color – and it will continue past November as contested races are figured out. The only upside is that each incident will turn another chunk the electorate off of republicans as it becomes obvious to them that their rhetoric is the driving force behind it. In the end they’ll be left with the 10% slime at the bottom of the gene pool. Keep alert, Keep your head down, Stay safe, Pray.

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    • 9thousandfeet says:

      In the end they’ll be left with the 10% slime at the bottom of the gene pool.

      There is no empirically verifiable evidence that the layer of “slime” consists of 10%, and in increasing and substantial body of evidence to suggest that it’s a lot more than that.
      Currently it’s at a minimum 40% of that demographic referred to as “likely Republican voters”, and that statistic has remained rock solid since day one of this shitshow.
      Right now the only “chunks of the electorate” eligible to be “turned off” are the 5 or 10% of the electorate known as “swing voters”. Then we have around 40% of the population who never vote at all, and whose sentiments are largely unexplored statistically. Having spent most of my working life among such people one way or another, I can say they are predominantly “conservative” in the sense of being thoroughly at home with the idea of drowning government in the bathtub, and in general perfectly happy with the concept of aggressive “nationalism” and a bellicose (mis)interpretation of “American Exceptionalism” in international affairs.

      Trump gets this instinctively, and most liberals are in denial of it, thus they cling fervently to the hope that at some point some kind of critical mass withing the citizenry will flip and drive the fascisti back into their holes.
      It’s a misplaced hope, in my view.
      That 40% of the electorate which favors Trump is now crystallized into cultish, post-Enlightenment values kind of demagoguery, and the more pushback there is, the more they can be persuaded that they (along with truth and “the American way”) are being victimized, and hence the more aggressive and bellicose, will they become and the more outrageous lies they can be made to believe.

      This is going to get unbelievably ugly. I’m full persuaded now that ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


  6. MDavis says:

    Wanna bet that it isn’t just Texas? Some reports that no cameras allowed (of your own vote!) in voting booths. Recording what is happening is recommended in some of the tweets.
    1 – So THIS is how Cruz got elected
    2 – Election fraud is being ignored by people who scream about voter fraud. Poll workers claim it is “voter error”, basically.
    Texas early voting warning:


    • Remember when the CEO of Diebold promised to ‘deliver Ohio for Bush!’

      Lots of states have ‘no photos of your vote’ laws, because, hell I don’t know, reasons. They long predate electronic voting

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