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“They do have the ability of force to defend themselves,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said of border patrol officers. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
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The White House announced that Prznint Stupid is thinking (hahahahahahahaha) about sealing the Southern border to all migrants and asylum-seekers, with no exceptions. We’ve done it before turning away Jews who were escaping the Nazis. It didn’t work out so well.


“We do not have any intention right now to shoot at people.”

— Kirstjen Nielsen, addressing the question of what Hair Furor hope to accomplish by sending the military to southern border to stop the so-called Caravan.


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  1. Batman 54 says:

    “We do not have any intention right now to shoot at people.”
    “Perhaps after the election.”

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  2. donnah says:

    I believe it’s against the law to refuse people seeking asylum in this country. Since Trump has never read the Constitution, he probavly never heard about it.

    Another grandstand move to fire up his base, the Racist Party. These refugees, already reduced in number and sure to lose more, are poor, exhausted, and starving. These are not gun-waving mobs of terrorists. And they won’t even be able to get here until December.

    Sane people realize this. We know that it’s another political lie. But Trump’s followers will believe whatever he tells them. And the rest of the Republicans will gamely follow along, making shit up to tey to corroborate whatever their leader says.

    Vote. them. out.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    You can’t tell me that you can’t visualize Hair Furor with his finger poised above “The Button.” Dawg only knows what or who is holding him back, but what’s the point of having nuclear weapons if you’re not going to use them? After all, we have some nice, shiny, new intermediate-range nuclear-tipped Cruise Missiles we need to test, and who better to try them out on than Middle-Eastern jihadists hiding in the midst of the Caravan?
    Problem solved! October Surprise! We win!


  4. Art says:

    “We do not have any intention right now to shoot at people.”

    A statement of intent that will figure prominently after people get shot. It is always comforting when you see people who clearly want to do something bad start to pre-position the pieces for a legal defense ahead of time.

    Now if they could just get some video of alleged illegal immigrants throwing some rocks and bottles, and have a border patrol guy show up with a laceration, allegedly from a thrown rock, the scene will be set.

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  5. “We do not have any intention right now to shoot at people.”

    “We have to hold something back to use as Plan B,” she didn’t add.

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