L’il Buddy Trump Explains Geopolitics To Us

And due to circumstances beyond our control, we are once again looking at Eric Trump:

Yeah, Eric, ’tis a mystery why we have so few friends in the damn middle east, what with the last three Prznints from YOUR party starting wars there, and your dad helping Crown Prince Bone Saw in his war on Yemen, and dad’s continuing humiliation and disrespect for Palestinians and cheerleading for Israelis, and trying to get Iran to start a war and whatnot. It’s a complete eff’ing mystery.

Except for the part about the Ameros. Yeah, we know that’s the real hook.

And in conclusion:

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2 Responses to L’il Buddy Trump Explains Geopolitics To Us

  1. Jim says:

    Eric’s changed his hairdo but still looks like a secondary charcter from “True Blood”. And talks as clueless as his greassy-haired brother and future convict, Dumbass, Jr.


  2. donnah says:

    The Trump spawn don’t understand how words actually work. They’re like the old Chatty Cathy dolls, where you pulled a string and she would say random phrases. They just say the same stupid shit every time they open their mouths, whether it’s relevant or not.

    What’s worse, people listen to them.

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