Sad! Bigly, Even

“If I’m lying, may God… hey! I didn’t finish!”

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day:

President Trump is a historically unpopular president presiding over a historically strong economy, a singular state of affairs scrambling expectations for Republicans three weeks ahead of the midterms. . . .

Indeed, a record-high 48 percent of respondents to CNBC’s new All-America Economic Survey said they are optimistic about the economy now and for its future. Those results . . . match the findings of the latest Economic Anxiety Index, out this morning from Marketplace and Edison Research. The index is hitting an all-time low in its three-year history, with fewer respondents describing themselves as frequently or sometimes anxious about their financial situation than in any previous survey.

The Marketplace poll shows 60 percent of Americans say the economy is strong, up 7 points from earlier this year. And among that group, nearly two-thirds credit Trump, though a slightly higher number also credit the private sector. The CNBC poll found Trump earning narrow approval for his economic policies. But, tellingly, by a 21-point margin, respondents say they are concerned about his temperament.

No way! Muricans are concerned about the temperament of our narcissist, Stable Genius?

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  1. Bruce388 says:

    Now that FatNixon has called his former lover “Horseface” concerns about his temperament should fade away. Reports are he tried out that name with aides for several weeks. You can’t expect that kind of dazzling verbiage without preparation.


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