The Swift-Canoe’ing of Senator Warren

Charlie Pierce has an excellent post up about the kerfuffle DNA testing of Sen. Warren, which seems to be occupying so much of the Villagers’ inkwells.

I think Pierce makes an excellent point (read it through to the end, it jumps into the breach), there’s another aspect to this that I find insidious: the media and the political class are trying to shove Warren into being a cultural appropriationist. The thing that she has NOT done is claim to be any sort of native, belonging to a tribe, or otherwise have any identity as a member of a tribal community.

And I might add that as far as I know, no native tribe has asked her to join. There is literally nothing here.

This whole thing is stupid and has the same potential to be another but her emails level of distraction, or some strange variant of Birtherism. For blog’s sake, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein, blood is blood is blood. This is another bucketful of Republican racism and holds the promise of the White Supremacists to revive favorite terms like quadroons and octoroons and their favorite miscegenation theories.

You can see it coming down the pike a hundred-miles-per-hour.

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4 Responses to The Swift-Canoe’ing of Senator Warren

  1. Yeah a whole lotta knees jerking on.

    Lots of Don’t stoop to his level and don’t play his game pecksniffs out there tut-tutting about civility, tinged with a vast dollop of fucking misogyny.

    The charge of the Cultural Appropriation Purity Brigade racing to scold her for responding to direct accusations with gasp SCIENCE!!!!11ELEVENTY!!! are just icing on the whole nihilistic cake.

    Because shelling our own side is the sure way to win the war.

    Sometimes I remember Will Rogers’ joke about not being a member of any organized political party and despair because it’s so bitterly true.

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  2. Jim says:

    This, of course, and as always, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I personally think what she did was probably needed to get rid of this non-controversy “controversy”. It’s just one of the never-ending poisons that Trump dumps into our daily discourse to distract from actual policy discussions. My guess is that this disappears after one or two news cycles and it did have the benefit of putting Trump on the defensive even if momentarily.


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