Sophist’s Choice

Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

This story has noted lifetime paste gourmand Stephan Miller’s fingerprints all over it:

“The Trump administration is considering ways to deter a soaring number of families arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border — including once again separating parents and children, three current and former Homeland Security Department officials told POLITICO. If parents and children are separated, parents will have a say, the officials emphasized. Under a 90-day pilot program, parents seeking asylum would be given a ‘binary choice’ to be detained with their children through the course of their immigration proceedings or to send their children to a shelter where they can be released to a sponsor.

So it is the return of babies in cages, but this time Miller puts the parents into the Sophie’s Choice: they can raise their children in internment camps, OR they can send their kids off into the tender care of the Fourth Reich, probably to never be seen by their parents again. “It’s the parents’ choice, and not ours,” Jeff Sessions didn’t say. (Or newly installed Attorney General Lindsey Graham?)

“The continuing effort to stem the flow of migrants shows that the Trump administration remains very much unfazed by the furious backlash that its family separations inspired last spring. A zero-tolerance policy toward border-crossers split thousands of children from their parents over a three-month period. In early September, the administration issued a proposed rule to establish standards for keeping migrant parents and children locked up together — another sign that White House senior adviser Stephen Miller and his allies haven’t back down.”

I hope Miller has stocked up on Elmer’s, because he’s going to be chased out of area sushi bars again. The Hague has a cell with his name on it.

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8 Responses to Sophist’s Choice

  1. roket says:

    Antichrist? Found one.


  2. donnah says:

    Yikes! That’s the scariest damn photo I’ve seen!

    Stephen Miller, ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside.

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  3. JTO says:

    You know, nothing says ‘master race’ quite like anything about Stephen Miller. From the hairline to the jawline, the broad shoulder, shapely calf and ankle – the voice, the eyes and the writing – the catlike agility and raw animal magnetism, his presence when we holds a room, enters or leaves. Miller is the model, the mold and the first casting of everything we should aspire to?

    Invest in glue stocks.


  4. “send their children to a shelter where they can be released to a sponsor. kidnapped by Americans”

    These people belong in the docks at the Hague…

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  5. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Soylent peen is real!


  6. Wally says:

    Too bad he didn’t try expoxy instead of elmer’s.


  7. Redhand says:

    I actually am in a situation where I have to counsel a local undocumented man on the risks of family separation if his wife and children try to flee to America to seek asylum at this time. I am already representing numerous family members in multiple asylum claims arising out of a gang vendetta against this family, and secured relief for one family member a number of years ago. All these cases are follow-on matters.

    This really is Nazism. It is a fundamental human rights and due process violation to separate a mother and her children in this way just because they are indigenous Mayans from Guatemala.

    Stephen Miller should be criminally prosecuted for these policies, as should the blonde bitch Nielsen, who makes the laughable claim that DHS does not detain children.

    We’re right back to Bush era “we don’t torture” denialism, except that in this case the torture is directed against innocent children and their parents rather than “suspected terrorists.”

    Honestly, one can’t make this shit up. If we get power again, this time there can’t be a “look forward not back” attempt to make common cause with fascists and criminals. These scum must be held accountable for their crimes.

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  8. jimbo57 says:

    I preferred Megamind when he was blue…


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