Don’t Get Mad, Get Everything*

Everyone is entitled to a day off to lick wounds and sob into pillows. We will not rehash our assorted reasons for why we need this time to mourn, be we acknowledge that what you feel is real.

So today we mourn, tomorrow we organize.

There is no greater villain today than amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell, who is up for reelection in 2022. Prznint Stupid is easy to blame for all the bad shit going down, but if we were being accurate, the casus belli is Mitch McConnell’s evil scheming for power. First he wrecked (as best he could) the Obama presidency, then he wrecked the country: he blocked the investigation into the Russian meddling with the 2016 election in real time, stole a SCOTUS seat, and has now installed an illegitimate justice who will realistically be there for the next 30 years, fucking us over.

The most important thing we can do to stop the fuckery is to remove the gavel from McConnell’s hand, so we MUST hold all the Democratic senators we currently have and add 3 more to the roster. And that means we have to support the Blue Dogs. You play the hand you are dealt.

While many voices are calling for retaliation against Traitor Joe Manchin, that ship already sailed when Paula Jean Swearengin lost the Democratic primary to him (she raised only $57 thousand Ameros to Manchin’s $4.7M).

Perhaps we need to organize another GoFundMe for 2024 for someone to primary Manchin, just like what Susan Collins is facing now for her 2020 reelection. And we need another GoFundMe thingie for McConnell’s future opponent.

* allegedly said by Ivana Trump when she divorced The Donald

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      I saw a meme recently that asked, “How do we get Dick Cheney to invite Trump to go quail hunting?” If only. Knowing Hair Furor’s intense dislike for Chimpy et al., that offer may have already been extended, but declined.

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  1. Osirisopto says:

    Sure take a break. Recover. Prepare ourselves for the next battle.

    But be aware they aren’t taking a day off. The forces of capitalism greed and oppression are executing the plan they put together six months ago in the event they won.

    Relentlessness, cunning and foresight is why they are winning the important battles and we lick our wounds.


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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    No, sorry, I think this is terribly terribly wrong.
    This “swallow that nasty taste in your mouth and support the blue dogs” has been a dominant feature of the scenery throughout the whole journey on that long and horrible road that has led us to exactly where we are right now. The Clintonian triangulation, the windsockery, the abject capitulation to focus-group policy adoption, the milquetoast and craven Obamaesque seeking of consensus with people who have made it clear from day one that their only ultimate objective is our complete destruction — all of it has failed miserably, and here we now are!
    In what respect is this not empirically verifiable truth?

    What’s the point of helping blue dogs if they vote the wrong way when it really matters anyway? What have we gained if the “D” by an elected official’s name suddenly becomes an “R” as a practical matter in crucial votes?

    If the Dems as a party can’t manage a cohesiveness to match what the lockstep GOP is able to muster most of the time at critical moments, it’s game over anyway and we’re just wasting our valuable life’s energy on a battle than simply cannot be won.

    If we’re going to get hammered and humiliated, and we probably are, this time I’d rather go down spitting real truth and fire until I choke on my own blood and am stilled forever, than go back to compromising a single fucking thing to blue dog chancers whose only reliable characteristic is a determination to look out for their own political future, and whose only predictable action is that they will knife me in the back when I most need their help.
    Been there, done that, so no, a thousand times no. Not again. I just can’t fucking do that same shit again and expect different results. I don’t have it in me anymore to do that.

    Look, I don’t have the goddam answers, but really, it that the best we can do? Is that all we’ve got? Because if it is, we’re going to lose this republic permanently, if we haven’t already,

    As you can probably tell, I’m angry and upset. But let’s find a way to keep this conversation going between all of us people of goodwill. We have to find a way forward that is not a repeat of the strategy that did so much to get us here in the first place!
    If we cannot, this fascist coup will advance to where the door back to the light will be slammed shut for good. Just one more scotus pick will do it by finally transforming voting into the hamster wheel activity that all fascists believe in their hearts that it’s supposed to be.
    And by god if plays out that another Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed to scotus, let every last one of those fucking votes to be in the “R” column, even if we lose by 10 rather than 2. Because in the end, if we don’t win, it won’t matter how much we lose by, will it?
    Will it?

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    • tengrain says:

      9K –

      Explain the math to us, how you will get the left to be the majority this midterm by voting out 4 Democrats.

      We had the chance to primary them, and it failed. And as I said, primary them from the left at the next available opportunity, which means starting NOW: find a candidate and find the money.



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      • Infidel753 says:

        We’re better off with that seat held by Manchin, who votes the wrong way some of the time, than by a Republican, who would vote the wrong way every time.

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      • 9thousandfeet says:

        How about you explain the math to me as to how you get and maintain a majority in the Senate with stupid coastal elite policy positions that are totally unpalatable to rural Americans and rapidly getting more and more unpalatable by the minute.
        The problem is that Democratic party thinking is an urban phenomenon, and representation in the Senate is heavily weighted toward rural thinking. This is a Good Thing, but you city mice-style dems keep talking about how it’s not fair and waaah waaah waaah why should somewhere like Wyoming have the same number of Senators as Cali or NY, rather that try to understand the people who fucking live out here where the sky is clear and the nights are dark and you don’t see a cop or hear a siren but maybe a few times a year and when you do your run outside to see what the fuck is going on and people still wave to each other on the road know the names of each other’s dogs for miles around and they don’t have to lock their damn doors.

        OK, just two practical examples illustrating this divide, just to keep this short enough to be manageable.

        Embrace a policy of medicare for all, but emphasizing provisions for exercising local control, with a really effective marketing strategy, and you can not only get away with that in rural America, you’ll gain ground and fucking run the table.
        Christ almighty, don’t the dem’s party hierarchy realize that in red states the Republicans have been building nonprofit County hospitals funded by a levy on property taxes for fucking years? That’s a species of single payer, in case you miss the point, but with locally elected governing boards with broad authority to tailor things to local requirements. (As an aside here, let’s note that around here anyway, those Counties which have had longstanding Dem political control have tended not to do this very often at all)

        And that those hospitals treat everyone regardless of ability to pay? And that anyone foolish enough to run for local office on a platform of abandoning that “socialist bullshit” wouldn’t get elected dog catcher?
        But no, the dem leadership dithers and then runs for cover at the first suggestion of “being too far left”, and they tend to balk at suggestions that local control is key, and that people just might be able to spend money more intelligently in their own communities than some pencil-neck functionary in a Federal Office some damn where.
        The Dems are habituated into trying to run the country like one big city, where, in fairness, all the traffic signals really do kinda have to be coordinated.
        But to rural senses that reeks of “big government” in the worst possible sense, which is why the fascisti, who are actual fans of big government when it comes to suppressing dissent, can get so much traction by dishonestly twisting the narrative.

        But the Dems will keep whining about gun control—one of the few issues that rural Americans won’t compromise about very much at all—until the cows come home with an inflexibly sanctimonious zeal (ammosexuals!!!! knuckledraggers!!!) and alienate tens of thousands of votes they could win easily if they weren’t so fucking pig ignorant and would be willing to pick their battles with intelligence informed by actual understanding of the perfectly acceptable reasons as to why some people, a lot of people, find cities to be utterly uninhabitable their inhabitants to be so fucking weird that it’s no surprise at all that they shoot each other so damn often.

        I can keep going about this, item by item, to illustrate the problem for hours if you want.

        But specifically your question was;

        Explain the math to us, how you will get the left to be the majority this midterm by voting out 4 Democrats.

        But the problem is that your question doesn’t represent the situation, does it?
        Let’s ask the same question a different way, just to see how it looks.
        “Explain the math to me, how will you not be helping the right to remain in the majority, functionally speaking, when it really fucking counts, by voting in 4 “Democrats” who will betray you out of their own self interest at exactly those critical times?”

        I will concede that a numerical majority in either House does confer committee chair control to the majority party. When the Dems start showing some spine so that they might take advantage of that high ground the way the GOP does when they have it, I’ll elevate that consideration to a more important level, but until then, fuck ’em.

        Sorry, maybe I’ll mellow a bit going forward, but right now I’d rather have an R in office than any Manchin. At least that way I’ll be expecting the abuse, rather than having my heart broken by it over and over again.

        Ugly times, innit?

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      • tengrain says:

        Take a breath, 9K, we’re allies and not enemies. Republicans want to take shit away from everyone (except their corporate overlords) and they are dividing the country/city mice in that fight. Trump would like the Left to be divided, don’t let him win that fight, too.

        I’m glad that Rural Mouse has representation. BUT, as you know, if I were king of the forest (and sadly, I am NOT!), I would eliminate the Senate, entirely. I should note that Manchin represents Rural Mouse, so we can agree to hate him and work to vote him out when we have a decent candidate, but I’m not going to help Mitch have another Congress to fuck us over, just to spite Manchin.

        We can go through the checklist you present one item at a time, and I think you might be shocked to see that this City Mouse agrees with his Country Mouse cousin more often than not. I think it is probably safe to say most of us City Mice agree, too.

        I want healthcare for all — including rural Americans, and including Possum Hollar, but seriously fuck ’em, if they don’t want it; let ’em die breathing free. You can call it Medicare for All, I don’t give a rip what it is called as long as everyone has healthcare.



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      • osirisopto says:

        “representation in the Senate is heavily weighted toward rural manipulation.”

        FIFY 🙂

        The problem is not the policies. Democratic policies were what brought the country out of the Great Depression. Democratic policies are widely popular to anyone who knows what they are.

        D’s are horrible at getting the message out because the leadership doesn’t want that. D leadership is the democratic wing of the republican party and has been for a long time. At least since B. Clinton, the best Republican president of the late twentieth century, held office.

        Bitching, and moaning sure does feel good. I have to load DW’s wheelchair into the van so we can get out this afternoon. She gets grumpy if she’s stuck in the bedroom for more than a couple of days.



    • JTO says:

      I think Tengrain’s point is apt. Don’t spend your energy on Manchin and the Blue Dogs until he is/they are up for re-election. Then work like hell on his/their primary. But, once the primaries are done – and we go to the general election with one Democrat and one Republican – those are the choices – Democrat or Fascist. Anyone who caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate or the House gives more power to Pelosi and Schumer. The further left WITHIN THAT SAME CAUCUS we can make the median vote, the more influence Sanders, Warren, Booker, etc. will have over Schumer and Pelosi.
      And, to summarize on Osirisopto’s point – in politics, Sunday is a work day.

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    • tengrain says:

      Also, 9K, I should have said that I agree with your sentiment, and I’m as pissed off as hell that we’re back in this spot. Purity got us into this trouble, and it won’t get us out. And I caucused for Bernie.

      Am I bitter?

      You bet. Like an aspirin.


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      • “Purity got us into this trouble, and it won’t get us out” … whoop!-there is! Yes!
        We can no longer afford to be “the nice guys”, we need to get aggressive and dirty. I’ve been saying it since we got robbed at Gore. The other side is 37% on their best day. The left is too “smart” for our own good, it’s counterproductive, every man is an island while that 37% locksteps like a bundle of sticks. So we wind up splintering our majority (ala Bernie …. didn’t anyone learn anything from Nader?!!!!) so we vilified our own candidate (Clinton) in the end. We shot ourselves in the foot alongside the Russian fuckery. We sacrificed Franken, while the other side sacrifices NOTHING! We’re like old grandparents, too complacent with our wisdom and manners. Time to throw down the Wirther’s and pick up on Warheads. Sorry if I don’t make sense/am all over the place, almost 20 years of frustration boiled into one incoherent paragraph.

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  3. mellowjohn says:

    She actually did say it in the movie “The First Wives Club”

    “Ladies, you have to be strong and independent, and remember, don’t get mad, get everything.” –Ivana Trump

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