Product Placement

SoyBlo thanks you for doing your little bit, Walnuts, she needs a new tattoo of the Federalist logo to commemorate her wedding to that numbskull Koch-fiend. Also/too: CindyPills.

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2 Responses to Product Placement

  1. purplehead says:

    You referring to “BLO LIGHT” on his shirt? Did he call her that, too??


    • AYup, The family fortune was made in being the Bud distributor.

      My question is who the hell cooks ribs over a gas grill ????!!???!!eleventy!!

      Wood Smoke or GTFO.

      It’s not like we can’t get good wood or charcoal in the TSKoA.

      (and I mean good: you reach into a bag of this and you come out with a piece of charcoal in the exact shape of a mesquite branch, not some pressed ‘briquette’ Henry Ford devised to resell the sweepings from his factory floor…)

      Mmm, ribs. Supposed to be sunny this weekend…


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