Hot Take! From Ari Fleischer!

Chimpy McStagger’s old mouthpiece still has got the magic:

And, just as a reminder, here’s Prznint Stupid, you know, not mocking Dr. Ford (according to Ari):

Totally not mocking Ford. Absolutely.

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8 Responses to Hot Take! From Ari Fleischer!

  1. donnah says:

    I hope Ari took his Dramamine…all of his spinning is going to make him sick!

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  2. roket says:

    How much did he get paid for saying that?


  3. laura says:

    Trumps got no time for the skirts, but a real high hard for justice gang bang.


  4. Redhand says:

    As driftglass frequently notes in his podcasts, dialogue with Trump pod people is simply not possible. And clearly, the prion disease hasn’t just infected the “poorly educated.”

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  5. ming says:

    He wasn’t mocking her, he just need a new subject for the Two Minutes Hate


    • Jim says:

      Yeah, he has soooo many rallies that he needs new material. He’s a stand-up insult comic who is simply not funny.


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