Grifters Gotta Grift, Part Infinity

Our Stable Genius

The NYTimes understands that the big article is (as the kids all say): tl;dr, so they created a handy cut-out-and-keep 11-point take-away!

  • The Trumps’ tax maneuvers show a pattern of deception, tax experts say
  • Donald Trump began reaping wealth from his father’s real estate empire as a toddler
  • That ‘small loan’ of $1 million was actually at least $60.7 million—much of it never repaid
  • Fred Trump wove a safety net that rescued his son from one bad bet after another
  • The Trumps turned an $11 million loan debt into a legally questionable tax write-off
  • Father and son set out to create the myth of a self-made billionaire
  • Donald Trump tried to change his ailing father’s will, setting off a family reckoning
  • The Trumps created a company that siphoned cash from the empire
  • The Trump parents dodged hundreds of millions in gift taxes by grossly undervaluing their assets
  • After Fred Trump’s death, his empire’s most valuable asset was an I.O.U. from Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump got a windfall when the empire was sold. But he may have left money on the table.

Each of those points is backed up in the article, which you should mosdef read, if you want further information, and of course the YUGE 8-page (I’m told) investigation is worthy of your time, too.

But here’s the essential thing to note: Prznint Stupid’s lawyers are not claiming defamation, and his tax returns are still locked up.

But this little tweet is the thing that brings me joy:

Comrade Trump cannot pardon himself on state-level crimes, and Gov. Cuomo is considering a run in the 2020 Goat Rodeo.

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7 Responses to Grifters Gotta Grift, Part Infinity

  1. Bruce388 says:

    It’s hard to believe Fred would let FatNixon take credit for his success in business. Then again, anyone in the Klan doesn’t have the best judgment.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    And we used to say Raygun had a teflon coating.


  3. laura says:

    Public Service Announcement re Governor Cuomo – HARD PASS.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    He wants Kavanaugh on the bench so he can pardon himself.

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  5. Feline Mama says:

    The Creep in Chief was a gift from the gop to amerikkka. A YUGE Basket decorated with a Nazi flag arranged like a bow. In it, Fraud, Tax evasion, Corruption, Emoluments, Contempt for the Law, Women, Minorities, Media, & Infidelity X ?. And the list goes on & on & on ………..!!

    No wonder They love, enable & protect him. THEY are HIM!!!

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  6. purplehead says:

    The New York Times has a Daily podcast that summarizes their written magnum opus. The 14,000-+ word article will take a while and a bit of gumption to read through. I get so angry my eyes squint and can’t focus. Also, too, why was this not investigated and published two years ago before the Orange Mushroom was selected??? Oh right, HER DAMNED EMAILS. Etc.

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