Incoming! The Trade War Has A New Front: Possum Hollar

Stable Genius Prznint Stupid
(Credit: @MemphisJohnny1)

As we all know, the Pride of Wharton, Comrade Stupid says that his Trade War is a tactic to get the Chinese gubmint to negotiate a deal  so that he wins and that they lose, because: he’s a stable genius. Why wouldn’t they negotiate?

Of course, China is not agreeing to give Comrade Stupid a win. Why do the Chinese hate America? Let’s explore what Stupid’s Trade War means for us!

Here’s an interesting example:

“Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma’s promise to create 1 million new US jobs is the latest casualty of the trade war.
“The Alibaba (BABA) chief grabbed attention at the start of last year when he made the highly ambitious pledge following a meeting with Donald Trump, who was president elect at the time.

“But in an interview published late Wednesday by China’s official news agency, Xinhua, Ma said the waves of new tariffs imposed by Washington and Beijing in recent months have undermined the plan.

“This promise was on the basis of friendly China-US cooperation and reasonable bilateral trade relations, but the current situation has already destroyed that basis,” Ma said. “This promise can’t be completed.”

Well, that is going to leave a mark!

We’ve seen his impact on China, but what about here in the ol’ US of A! I bet American CEOs are already tired of SO MUCH WINNING!!1!

Amiright, Bidness Roundtable?

“The Business Roundtable found that nearly two-thirds of chief executives said recent tariffs and future trade tension would have a negative impact on their capital investment decisions over the next six months.

“Roughly one-third expected no impact on their business, while only 2 percent forecast a positive effect.

“The conflicting forces of strong business conditions and fears over trade were reflected in the group’s broad economic outlook index. That index declined almost 2 points to 109.3, but it remains well above the historical average.”

So, uh, Opinions Differ!

But let’s get to where the rubber meets the roadkill in Possum Hollar…

“Economists expect [the latest round] to translate into higher prices for consumers across the country and special pain for low- to middle-income voters who make up much of Trump’s base—and are least able to absorb increased costs for consumer goods such as air conditioners, clothing and furniture. Republicans are counting on getting Trump supporters to the polls in November to hold off projected Democratic gains in the House and potentially the Senate. Forcing consumers to pay higher prices could make that harder.

“If you are kind of in the middle- or lower-income groups, you are buying a lot of what economists call tradable goods and you’ll be hit a lot harder,” Kyle Handley, assistant professor of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, told Politico. “This is basically the Trump voter who is going to see the biggest hit to their total spending.”

See?! Prznint Stupid is just killin’ it! No wonder the rubes love him so, he’s just totally owning the Libtards, even if it kills them.

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3 Responses to Incoming! The Trade War Has A New Front: Possum Hollar

  1. Dave Lippman says:

    If the Chinese offered to invest in Trump’s casinos, look how fast he’d drop the tariffs….


  2. osirisopto says:

    Biting the hand that feeds.

    Where else is he going to get cheap-ass ties and horse meat?


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