Time For Gergen To Retire

The Death of the Media

He said WHAT?

From the Reliable Sources email thingie:

On CNN, David Gergen urged caution and patience: Lawmakers and the public need time to “absorb this and begin to make judgments.” He said, “I can’t tell you how important I think it is for the future of the press in this country, if he’s going to be ‘brought down’ — we don’t know that, but if he’s going to be ‘brought down’ — that the press isn’t seen as complicit in that effort.”

The press should be seen as a force for the truth, and if the truth leads to a sex fiend (ALLEGEDLY) to not be confirmed to a lifetime seat on the SCOTUS, that’s a net positive.

Give him his cheese sandwich and a roadmap, CNN. What as asshole.

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4 Responses to Time For Gergen To Retire

  1. LOL. Uh, isn’t that the whole point of the press? They’re complicit in efforts because they’re supposed to be investigative journalists. Some of these people are truly living in Cuckoo Land.


  2. MDavis says:

    Fox is complicit in their own propaganda. Actual news outlets would be remiss in their jobs if they don’t report accurately. If some troll accuses them of being complicit in something, then have them point out where the reporting is inaccurate or incomplete. Go from there.
    Criminy, what an asshole.


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