Jason Miller, The Pride of CNN, Leaves CNN

Breaking CNN!

As long as we are talking about cable news dumpster fire CNN, home of shouty panels who say nothing and have no expertise in their subject areas, this story is yet more proof that they hire despicable people to get eyeballs:

CNN commentator Jason Miller steps down over drugged stripper allegation – Details

The former Trump aide has been accused of slipping the stripper an abortion drug back in 2012.

Miller and the unnamed woman met while she was a dancer at a Florida gentleman’s club.
After falling pregnant he allegedly drugged her resulting in her losing the child and being hospitalized
The stripper, who has not been identified, allegedly drank the smoothie which contained the abortion drug Splinter, with no knowledge of what was in it, and soon suffered a miscarriage, Delgado claims.

You may recall that during the 2016 Goat Rodeo that Miller worked for a while on Candidate Stupid’s campaign, where he also was having an affair with another former Trump advisor, Arlene ‘AJ’ Delgado. Delgado and Miller are in a heated custody battle, so I guess she didn’t drink the milkshake that he gave (ALLEGEDLY) to the stripper?

Anyway, another stellar hire, CNN. You must be so proud.

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5 Responses to Jason Miller, The Pride of CNN, Leaves CNN

  1. roket says:

    But, will this ruin his life?


  2. This clearly establishes his bona fides as being anti ‘Pro-Choice’, that’s for sure; she didn’t even have the choice to keep the baby!

    Stalwart Conservative!

    (also, the mystery of mysteries, just exactly why do women keep sleeping, with this skeevoid??)


  3. Osiris Opto says:

    Falling pregnant?
    Would that be like weasel speak getting off?

    Ah, AOL. All is revealed.


  4. Dave Lippman says:

    I cannot understand the fascination with strippers…as comedian Denis Leary points out, at these bars, customers can only sit there and gape. if they try to do anything but give the girl money, bouncers are right there to toss the customer out of the bar. The music, noise, and expensive liquor gives the attendee a massive headache. And you certainly NEVER go home, let alone to the Happy Hours motel, with the girl.

    Leary says you can do better by just banging your head against a wall for two hours to get the same effect.


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