Worst ‘Clue’ Player, Ever – UPDATED

Kiss me, you fool!

Hey guys, by now you might be reading something about some Republican rat-eff’er by the name of Ed Whelan, who it seems put together the ultimate came of Clue and came up with an evil-twin theory of who (ALLEGEDLY!) assaulted Christine Blasey Ford.

National Review writer Ed Whelan googled maps, house layouts, and yearbook pages, and declared QED, BITCHEZ! Kavanaugh was innocent and that Ford had confused him with a similar-looking classmate (I saw the pics and the two boys do NOT look at all alike to me) who lived in a similar looking home and declared that Ford had confused innocent choirboy Brett “100 Kegs of Beer Treasurer” Kavanaugh with another boy! Subtext: “Jeebus, skirts be too dumb to even know who (ALLEGEDLY) assaulted them!”

Ford, to her credit said that she was friends with this guy and mosdef was not the (ALLEGED!) assaulter, who was (ALLEGEDLY) Brett Kavanaugh.

In his vast conspiracy theory, Whelan not only named his perp, he published contact info for this person, who probably got a factory of hate calls and death threats, Go USA!!1!

Whelan has since shamefacedly deleted his conspiracy theory tweets and apologized profusely, but should still expect to be getting a phone call from the libelled man’s attorneys. I predict a YUGE settlement. But I digress!

Are we caught up?

So, Whelan libelled an innocent man, published his picture, and dox’ed him in a public forum, the question remains: who set the dogs loose to protect Kavanaugh with the strangest of tortured fiction? Let’s Explore!

  1. LinkedIn let’s people know when someone is looking at their profile.
  2. LinkedIn notified Ford that Whelan was looking at her profile BEFORE she was outed by the WaPo as being Kavanaugh’s accuser. How did he know to look her up?
  3. Ford sent an email to a friend noting that Whelan was looking at her profile (Time stamp!) about 90 minutes AFTER  the WaPo shared her name with a White House spokesman and hours before her identity was revealed in a story posted on its website.
  4. (A White House spokesman said Friday that neither Kavanaugh nor anyone in the White House gave Ford’s name to Whelan before it was disclosed by The Post. So how did he know about her?)
  5. White House press secretary Raj Shah called a number of Trump allies to warn them about the upcoming story (Ford accusing Kavanaugh).
  6. Shah disclosed Ford’s identity to a number of these people but (ALLEGEDLY) did not talk to Whelan. So… who did?
  7. Other White House officials, including Don McGahn, also made calls to interested parties.
  8. Whelan did not respond to the WaPo’s request for comment on how he first learned of Ford’s identity.

So, what do we discern from all this: Someone in the White House contacted National Review writer Ed Whelan, who made a fool of himself and probably set himself up for a big law suit (and now will undoubtedly have to reveal who tipped him off ahead of time). Conservatives and their media are running away from him as fast as their chubby legs will move, so he’s probably done as a pundit.

Innocent people do not need third party sleuths to come up with a hair-brained alternate universe evil twin theory to save themselves.


UPDATE 2: Tiger Beat

“It turns out that the Keystone Cops detective work by conservative legal activist Ed Whelan — which set Washington abuzz with the promise of exonerating Brett Kavanaugh, only to be met by mockery and then partially retracted — was not his handiwork alone.

“CRC Public Relations, the prominent Alexandria, Virginia-based P.R. firm, guided Whelan through his roller-coaster week of Twitter pronouncements that ended in embarrassment and a potential setback for Kavanaugh’s hopes of landing on the high court, according to three sources familiar with their dealings.”

CRC is best known for its work with the Swift Boat Veterans in 2004.

UPDATE 3: Same article in Tiger Beat

But Whelan was in communication with at least one Republican member of the committee this week, and that member told associates he was aware Whelan’s theory involved the home of a Kavanaugh classmate near the Chevy Chase Country Club.

Matt Whitlock, deputy chief of staff to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R.-Utah), directed people to Whelan’s Twitter feed on Wednesday in a tweet of his own and later deleted his tweet.

“Keep an eye on Ed’s tweets the next few days,” Whitlock wrote.

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17 Responses to Worst ‘Clue’ Player, Ever – UPDATED

  1. roket says:

    Obviously, when the one (or more) republican member of the committee is outed, he will recuse himself, right?


    • tengrain says:

      “A former CRC employee, Garrett Ventry, had been working for Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) until Saturday, when he resigned after news surfaced that he had faced accusations of sexual harassment in the past. NBC News first reported the resignation.”




    • tengrain says:

      So I guess that makes Grassley and Hatch both needing to recuse themselves.

      Won’t happen, of course.




  2. osirisopto says:

    All this is noise. The R’s will confirm Kavanaugh to the court if he murdered and raped (in any order) an intern on the table in front of the committee during his confirmation hearing on live teehee. And theres not a RWNJ in the country who wouldn’t both tape it, and deny it happened.


  3. 9thousandfeet says:

    Boy, they really really want this privileged shitheel on the court, don’t they?
    You’d almost think they might be shopping for a SCOTUS that would uphold a challenge to the validity of any uncongenial election results. Perhaps on “foreign interference grounds” or some masterfully ironic bullshit like that?
    Installing Kavanaugh would almost certainly give them a court like that. You think Gore got hosed? I’m deeply concerned we ain’t seen anything yet.

    And just as an ongoing report on the novocaine theory – Trump actually fucking accused the dems of fabricating the mortality stats in Puerto Rico to gain political advantage. Oh, and there are more brown children separated from their families now than there were back in the good old days when those separations were the outrage du jour. And none of that shit is on page one anymore, just as I predicted.
    It’s not at all unlikely that Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the SCOTUS, and a month from now or even less, that travesty will be eclipsed by the next and probably even bigger outrage.
    Novocaine is one hell of a drug when administered in an unrelenting and perpetual drip-feed, eh?

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  4. donnah says:

    If you’re going to try to outsmart someone, you’d better be smarter than they are. Republicans need to have that tattooed inside their eyelids. Clearly, they suck at it.

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  5. Scottie says:

    Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:

    Very interesting. It clearly show they had prior knowledge of the incident and they were prepared to farm it out to others to play dirty hard ball. Hugs


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  7. Infidel753 says:

    Jesus fuck a shit soufflé, these people are stupid! A pitifully-weak and easily-exploded conspiracy theory, easily exposed by stuff as basic as LinkedIn and e-mail time stamps, that will accomplish nothing except possibly to get one of their pundits (aren’t pundits supposed to be smart?) sued for libel and harassment and permanently discredited. These people couldn’t find their own asses with both hands without Russian hackers helping them out.

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    • osirisopto says:

      His own show on Faux, you say?


    • MDavis says:

      You are overestimating their interest in facts. Their base doesn’t care, so why should they? As long as they have their alternate facts, the truth will lose to their own brand of truthiness.
      What has Elmira Gantry had to say about this so far? How about KA Con-way? What they say is probably how they’ll play it. If those two haven’t said anything yet then they probably don’t believe there will be a need to address it.


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