News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Aryan Barbie seems nice.

Anyway, it seems that Lana Lokteff, a host at the white supremacist web-based outlet Red Ice, thought Tucker Carlson needed some assistance when he questioned whether diversity is a strength, and hence this video was born.

Odd how white supremacists all watch Tucker, innit?

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8 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Scottie says:

    She has never been in the military it seems. There is fierce competition in the military. How does she think people get promoted, it is on your scores. There is competition at almost every level, as it keeps people sharp in their skills. That doesn’t mean they don’t work as a larger team when needed. Hugs

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  2. Osiris Opto says:

    Lana, we’re not discriminating against you. We’re just keeping you from doing that to everybody else.

    (H/T The Liberal Redneck)

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  3. I rarely click on these videos, because I now they will be stupid and horrible and stupid. And stupid.

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  4. JTO says:

    Then again, she does make a very good point – in a Third Reichy kinda way – diversity does weaken the drive to achieve ‘one people, one race, one nation (left on the planet).’ Of course, this is the point of diversity – to keep all of us who are not ‘master race’ material from being killed. You see, I am an atheistic, lefty, over-educated, environmentalistic labor union goon without any need for guns. This has got to put me on a list . . . despite the fact that a full moon can give me a sunburn.


  5. Paul Fredine says:

    i have the impression she’s only there so all those alt-right white supremacy types have an excuse for keeping so many boxes of kleenex next to the bed.

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  6. w3ski4me says:

    Excuse me while I barf up my coffee. OK now, Aryan Barbie did make “A” valid point that in our “Western Days” we worked together and got stuff done. Well yeah. There were no nazis standing there dividing us. Yes there was racism but when I think about towns trying to get stuff done there had to be a spirit of working together. How else could so much have been accomplished? Yes, slavery does come to mind, but bear with my fractured thought pattern here for a moment if you please.
    I worked logging in my time, and we had a “corps spirit” too.
    Yes we are all racists of one sort of another.
    On one hand I say “I hate everyone equally”, no specific race and including (especially) my own race.
    On the other hand, I am a part of a community now, I am part of a town now, even tho I live at the extreme edge of ‘town’. I/We need to get along for the common good. It’s just how life is supposed to be.
    Not sure where I started but ‘nazis’ contribute nothing but derision and division.
    Nothing would Ever get done with that kind of thinking.


    • Scottie says:

      We have to remember there was a thriving population in the Americas. We came, we saw, we killed, we conqueror. The sad fact is the USA was built on racist prejudice from the start. Hugs

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