Bad Signs, Cont.


“I find your lack of directions… disturbing.”

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  1. M. Bouffant says:

    Those highway hoors will take anybody’s money.


  2. Scene:

    Yahoo driving along, finishes a cheeseburger then couples and tosses the wrapper out the window.

    CU on him chuckling, then suddenly alarmed as his truck suddenly swerves to the side of the road, stops and he’s hauled out of his window by an unseen force .

    A menacing deep voice goes “This…is CNN…oh damn, wrong script…I find your lack of…ecological awareness… disturbing”

    Camera zooms out until we see the Yahoo is lifted until his feet are dangling.

    “URK..URK..URK” and falls to the road dead.

    Zoom to CU on burger wrapper the yahoo had flung out the window, fluttering in the breeze…

    Then fades away because Lord Vader has storm troopers to pick up that shit.

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  3. I need to adopt a highway as ‘zombies’


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