Youthful Indiscretion

Just a day in the park for youthful Brett Kavanaugh (ALLEGEDLY).

…to which one small voice replied:

It astounds me that the party of Law and Order—who decreed in the Federal Megan’s Law that sex is the only crime for which after serving your time you have to continue being punished—wants to have a carve-out for youthful indiscretion for SCOTUS nominees, who get black-out drunk and assault women while his fellow gangbanger turns up the music so no one can hear her scream. Allegedly.

I have a friend who streaked a football game in high school (it was THAT era, and so yes, I’m old) and he was caught. Instead of letting him off the hook with as high-spirited youth, they threw the book at him for indecent exposure to make him an example. His promising young life was suddenly less promising, and every job interview now has to include an explanation of why he is on a Sex Offenders list. Every move he’s ever had has ultimately involved explaining to his neighbors why he shows up as the Perv Next Door.

So no, Republicans, you don’t get a pass for your (ALLEGED) youthful sex offender.

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6 Responses to Youthful Indiscretion

  1. purplehead says:

    For instance, ask any POC if some “youthful indiscretion” has affected their subsequent years of…finding jobs, housing, credit. If you are a privileged white guy, those rules do not apply.


  2. RWW says:

    If Kavanaugh had taken responsibility for his actions years and years ago, faced the consequences, and led a decent life afterwards, then maybe Ari’s point would be worth discussing. That’s not what happened and Kavanaugh DENIES he did anything wrong back then, or now. It’s one thing to cast pity on someone who’s carried a burden and stigma for years over something stupid done as a youth, but it’s quite another thing to expect the same pity for someone who skated out of his privileged youthful years no matter what he did and advanced rapidly in a professional career thanks to all the support that comes with being in an elite network. Ari’s hypothetical is insulting in that it doesn’t apply in any way that is relevant to Kavanaugh.


  3. Spocko says:

    Blackout drunk? More like White Out Drunk.You are white, go out and get drunk and since you don’t remember anything and are white, you don’t get punished for it!.


  4. MDavis says:

    Ari asks questions about “a disputable high school action”. Is Ari admitting something here?


  5. Osirisopto says:

    These creeps have no daughters?


  6. A.J. says:

    There is no statute of limitations for assault, rape, attempted rape in Maryland. Georgetown Prep is in Maryland. And that’s a good reason why Mark Judge doesn’t want to testify before Congress. He would have a reasonable basis for taking the 5th Amendment, and that would kill Kavanaugh. And that goes for Kavanaugh, too. He could wind up on a state sex registry and disbarred.


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