UPDATED: ‘The Phone Calls Are Coming From Inside The House!’

Would you buy a used car from these men?

And so begins our day:

There are many forms of Treason, Comrade, but expressing an opinion isn’t one of them.

Anyway, Axios morning email thingie has a scoop that is sure to put Comrade Stupid off his feed:

President Trump is not just seething about Bob Woodward.

He’s deeply suspicious of much of the government he oversees — from the hordes of folks inside agencies, right up to some of the senior-most political appointees and even some handpicked aides inside his own White House, officials tell Jonathan Swan and me.

He should be paranoid. In the hours after the New York Times published the anonymous Op-Ed from “a senior official in the Trump administration” trashing the president (“I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”), two senior administration officials reached out to Axios to say the author stole the words right out of their mouths.

“I find the reaction to the NYT op-ed fascinating — that people seem so shocked that there is a resistance from the inside,” one senior official said. “A lot of us [were] wishing we’d been the writer, I suspect … I hope he [Trump] knows — maybe he does? — that there are dozens and dozens of us.”

Why it matters: Several senior White House officials have described their roles to us as saving America and the world from this president.

I don’t think that there is any chance that the anonymous op-ed is a fake.

The NYTimes is many things (and not all of them good), but its biggest asset is its reputation. Someone(s) in the NYTimes building knows who the Senior Official is, and they do indeed know that this person would be fired if his/her identity leaked. This Opinion piece breaks all the rules that I can think of for granting a spot on what is most certainly the most-coveted media real estate: an opinion piece must state who it is the opinion of.

I’ve been sceptical of the anonymous opinion piece in the NYTimes because whether by design or not, it has knocked the Kavanaugh confirmation story off the front pages, and the Villagers are, of course, playing parlour games trying to parse who dunnit, while Kavanaugh is now flying under the radar. What is so amazing to me about this op-ed is not that someone wrote it, but how many people in the administration could have written it that it becomes a guessing game.

UPDATE 1: I forgot to include this bit from the Reliable Sources email thingie:

My interview with the NYT’s op-ed editor

Jim Dao called me… reluctantly, I think… to answer a few questions about the op-ed. Here’s the rundown:

— Did the Times approach the source? No, the source approached the Times. “The person contacted me through an intermediary,” Dao said.

— When did this happen? Dao said “several days ago” and declined to be more specific.

— Did Dao speak directly to the source? He said yes.

— How does the Times define “senior?” Dao would not say.

— Was the release the op-ed timed to coincide with the Woodward book? Dao said that as far as he knows, it’s a “coincidence.”

— Was there a special effort to disguise the person’s writing style, for example by rewriting the piece in some fashion? Dao said no.

— What kind of editing was done? Just the usual, making the person’s views “clearer” and adhering to style standards.

Who knows the identity of the senior official? “A very small number of people within the Times.”

— What’s been done to protect the source? Dao said “we have taken a number of special precautions” but understandably didn’t list them off. More here…

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4 Responses to UPDATED: ‘The Phone Calls Are Coming From Inside The House!’

  1. roket says:

    Presidenting? Puppets have all the free time in the world.


  2. We’re about one more leak away from Trump starring in his own interpretation of the infamous hitler bunker scene, I feel.

    And not ALL the media is chasing away from Kavanaugh, Rachel devoted a fair bit of time to it last night, and my hometown rag has his refusal to say whether he thinks the *president can pardon himself.


  3. H-Bob says:

    Time to suggest that Trump require everyone in the administration take a lie detector test.


    • tengrain says:

      The Lie Detector Machine would weep and then commit ritual seppuku, or like one of those water witch sticks just keep pointing to the oval office.




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