Walnuts Mavericks AZ One Last Time

Grandpa Walnuts Mavericks Us Again!!1!

The Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan’s Gov. Doug Ducey  chose former Arizonastan Senator Jon Kyl (R) to replace the still-dead Grandpa Walnuts, the ol’ maverick hisself couldn’t have done better!

The Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan is filled to the rim of the Grand Canyon with Konstitution Konservatives, er, winguts, but Arizonastan is also trending purple. So Ducey was in a bind as he faces his own re-election. Does he feed the terrible sand people and appoint a beast dripping blood and lose his own re-election in what is looking like a Blue Wave year? Of course not!

So he punted and picked local sedimentary rock, former Senator Jon Kyl! A man so full of sand that his folks had to give him two 3-letter names, so not to tax the little tyke. Bet he still misspells it. But I digress.

Kyl  says he will serve until Jan. 2, 2019. And that date is significant, follow closely:

  • 2020 is the earliest that Arizonastan can have a special election to fill the remainder of Walnuts’ term (2022)
  • the AZ Senate seat will therefore be open during the 2020 Goat Rodeo, when the Dims traditionally come out to vote in mass. Even in the Terrible Sand Kingdom.

Remember when I noted that Arizonastan is turning purple? Ducey just gave the Left a present because he is trying to save himself.



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  1. Well, whoever is Governor after Jan 2 2019 (¡VIVA GARCIA!) can then appoint another placeholder for the year rather than leave the seat empty. If Il Deuce wins in November, he might well be tempted to bail on that whole ‘Being the asshole in charge of the Terrible Sand Kingdom’ and appoint himself, and run for reals in 2020.

    I think leaving a R seat empty in the face of a likely Impeachment trial would be contraindicated by his owners, the Kochs, unless they have a marker on Pence, too, in which case they’ll be happy to allow the promotion to middle management.

    That said, I’m TERRIBLE at political predictions in the TSKoA, I’d successfully forgotten Jon “Not intended to be a factual statement” Kyl existed, to be honest.

    Thanks Deuce!

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