How To Get The Nazi Off Your TeeVee

Steve Bannon’s legendary animal attractiveness on display

[Ed. Note – I’m going to get some terms wrong in this, but the facts are correct. I’ve been pondering what to do with this post, but the New Yorker fuck-up made this timely. You see, if they knew (and how could they not?) they would have seen that Bannon is box-office poison. –Tengrain]

The truth of the TV business is that eyeballs equals revenue, and so when people shut off the TV, the producers notice it, and apparently the networks can measure the drop-off rate.

Now, let’s pretend you are a producer for a news show (let’s say you are Miles Silverberg on Murphy Brown’s FYI, for instance…), and you are thinking about having a certain controversial guest on your program (you are already salivating thinking about the big ratings, and maybe picking out names for your new yacht!), you probably will want to see what happened the last time that the guest was on your competition or maybe on your network; so, just for shits and giggles let’s see how Steve Bannon did on The Beat with Ari Melber…Holy crap: the number of viewers dropped 42% from the start of the show. That’s amazing.

So as the producer of the other show, you tell me if you are going to put Bannon on your show? Wanna bet some Quatloos that at MS/NBC the memo is already circulating that Bannon is box office poison? Wanna bet that the producer for The Beat is having a moment with Phil G. and Andy L? Wanna bet that CNN is circulating a memo of its own?

So what do we take away from this, Scissorheads? Turn off the TeeVee, vote with your eyeballs; show the producer of the show that you don’t want to see an interview with a Nazi. Turn off the TeeVee, and the networks notice. It works.


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  1. RWW says:

    Come to think of it, I made a point NOT to watch Melber’s show specifically because Bannon was his guest. Nice to know I was not alone.


  2. E.A. Blair says:

    How does not watching affect ratings if you’re not a Nielsen home? Do cable or satellite companies monitor what your converter box is tuned to then report to the networks? If they do, they must get some weird wtatistics from me because I often leave the box on and just turn off the TV, meaning that they would have me listed as watching 24 hours a day.


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I can’t believe the New Yorker even considered making him the headliner. The point of view of a serial liar and dirty trick operative is NOT conducive to debate- the truth doesn’t lie somewhere between fact and mendacity.


    • But truthiness does, and that’s all that matters anymore, I think. after all they’re unwilling to call a bald-faced liar a ‘liar’ because they cannot know what is in his mind.


  4. Paul Avery says:

    Sic transit gloria mundi. In another year folks will be asking Steve Bannon who?


  5. MDavis says:

    “…he number of viewers dropped 42% from the start of the show.”
    So is it more effective, in this paradigm, to turn on the show and then turn it off when the, um, jerk shows up? Would it be more effective to not turn it on at all? How about just contacting that show’s network to tell them why you are not wasting your time with that show today?


    • tengrain says:

      MDavis – Yes, if flee when a certain guest comes on, the producer will learn about it in near real time. There are essentially two ratings and the general public only hears about the official ratings for a show approximately a week after it airs. The first one is raw numbers from major media markets and the final one includes everyone. If the major markets show a guest crashed the smaller markets will not changed the story, but might change the percentage. Our seekrit Scissorhead said that the major media markets showed Bannon’s drop was over 60%. That’s bad on an astronomical scale.

      He’s pure poison for ratings. The left despise him, and Possum Hollar sees him as a traitor to dear leader. He has no constituency except fellow Nazis.




  6. donnah says:

    What’s the New Yorker’s angle? “I know, let’s interview a real Nazi Sympathizer who advised Trump so well that he got canned! And let’s make sure to give him lots of time to get his hate-filled rhetoric out there. Our ratings will soar!”



    • New Yawker Clueless Leader: “Lets be provocative</>!”

      Whereupon they are shocked, SHOCKED that people are provoked, and not in a good way, as in losing all the guests people were willing to pay to see.

      I kinda honestly wonder a little bit why they didn’t go full monty and have a panel with Bannon, Gorka, Yannoloollaputza, and Miller, with color commentary by Weev and David Duke. Think BIG people, BIG!

      This is why Spocko’s gig is successful: don’t aim at the blowhards, aim at the paying customers, the advertisers. THAT is why the network needs those eyeballs.

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  7. Paul Fredine says:

    looking at that picture, i’m surprised someone hasn’t thought about making him the bachelor.

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