Great Plates and Bumper Stickers, Cont.


It’s very meta.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Sir Nigel)

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5 Responses to Great Plates and Bumper Stickers, Cont.

  1. Saw a Mini a while back with a sticker: “*Actual Size”

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    • Jim says:

      Now that’s a cool bumper sticker (which nowadays are not put on non-existent bumpers).


    • E.A. Blair says:

      I once saw a young woman driving a car with the custom license plate “YX35”. I couldn’t figure out what it meant until I passed her and looked in my mirror, where I read the message “SEXY”.


  2. E.A. Blair says:

    I used to have a bumper sticker that said, “Jesus please protect me from the people who worship you.” I parked across the street from a Catholic church on a Sunday, and when I returned to my car, the sticker had been torn off and “Go To Hell” had been written in its place. I went to the church rectory to complain and was told by a priest, “What did you expect?” I told him I’d send him the bill for removing the defacing (which I did). When I replaced the sticker, I put it on a sheet of magnetic vinyl (the kind they use to make refigerator magnets) so I could remove it and put it in my trunk.

    A similar thing happened when I was parked in front of my parents’ house and there was a church picnic in the nearby park. Again, I went to the person in charge and told him that I expected nothing less from good Christians like the people at his picnic.


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