About The Calls For Sen. McCain 2

I did not watch Grandpa Walnuts’ memorial service, but I did catch on Twitter this bit by SoyBlo:

She said something true and honest, and perhaps bigger than herself. We applaud her audacity. That’s the Meghan McCain we like.

But while watching it, two thoughts hit me simultaneously:

  • Is she eulogizing her father or America?
  • Is she eulogizing her father or the Republican Party?

The answer is yes.

I think she eulogized it all. I don’t think she knew it, of course.

We’ve noted before: if you liked her dad, then you will like SoyBlo. And like her father, she is not is introspective or even self-aware. She’s undisciplined and completely narcissistic, and so it is quite amusing to see her go after a larger narcissist than herself with a sense of outrage.

Following SoyBlo’s performance, I actually saw some earnest people tweet that perhaps the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan would be well-served if SoyBlo replaced her dad in the Senate.

No. Sweet Jeebus, no.

She has not earned it, but then again, her entire life is one of privilege, and un-earned fame and riches is all part of it.

To put things in perspective, just a couple of weeks ago in her job as a panelist on The View, she railed against the Inheritance Tax as her father lay dying. And then in an Eiron-worthy fart she took on Socialism in the same breath, sitting on a panel in a position that she only earned because of who her father is.

Meghan McCain’s seat at the table has come at the expense of real journalists; she occupies a space that someone who actually attended J-school deserves. She’s had every opportunity handed to her, unearned, just like she will have her tens-of-millions-dollars inheritance.

Don’t yearn for her to become a Senator, too.

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4 Responses to About The Calls For Sen. McCain 2

  1. RWW says:

    Zero respect here for SoyBlo even when she is critical of the dumpster fire. She’s only protected her dad because he’s her dad and he’s rich and famous. That doesn’t deserve respect and the rest of her views are mostly pretty shitty and also self-centered. Would prefer her inherited and interminable 15 minutes of fame at long last to be over.

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  2. Osirisopto says:

    She wouldn’t be the first blind squirrel to take her daddies seat in the senate.


  3. roket says:

    She doesn’t have my respect either, however, I do wish her luck in her quest to destroy the pissant in the Whitehouse who dissed her father. Guess that means she’s in my thoughts and prayers, huh?


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