Trump’s War on Algorithms, Cont.

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You guys, the Russian Usurper continues his War on Algorithms! Anyway, somehow, against all odds, Comrade Stupid has figured out how to embed media in his tweets, and so one wonders if cat videos can be far behind.

Anyway, this little bit of agitprop someone/somehow or another got twattered out:

Now, of course, because this is Prznint Stupid, we know that this is a lie.

The full statement from a Google spokesperson:

“On January 30 2018, we highlighted the livestream of President Trump’s State of the Union on the homepage. We have historically not promoted the first address to Congress by a new President, which is technically not a State of the Union address. As a result, we didn’t include a promotion on for this address in either 2009 or 2017.”

The alert reader will note that 2009 would be when The Russian Usurper’s arch enemy The Kenyan Usurper would have given his first address (which really is not a SOTU address, having been prznint for only a matter of days).

Buzzfeed alerts us:


Reliable Sources email thingie for some reason decided to ask Steve Bannon(!) his thoughts:

>> Asked about Trump pushing misleading info to advance a war on Big Tech, Bannon said, “The president often times sees information and thinks it ought to be in the public dialogue.” Bannon said the “direction” of Trump’s rhetoric is “correct” and that his tweets on issues often help get things “into the conversation.”

>> Bannon said Big Tech’s data should be seized and put in a “public trust.” Specifically, Bannon said, “I think you take [the data] away from the companies. All that data they have is put in a public trust. They can use it. And people can opt in and opt out. That trust is run by an independent board of directors. It just can’t be that [Big Tech is] the sole proprietors of this data…I think this is a public good.” Bannon added that Big Tech companies “have to be broken up” just like Teddy Roosevelt broke up the trusts.”

What could wrong with that idea? You know, just to make it easier for hackers in Moscow. Bannon could get a few rubles for this idea.

>> Bannon attacked the executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google. “These are run by sociopaths,” he said. “These people are complete narcissists. These people ought to be controlled, they ought to be regulated.” At one point during the phone call, Bannon said, “These people are evil. There is no doubt about that.”

I imagine Bannon petting a white cat right about then.

Next, we move on to Axios morning email thingie, who went to Junior Mints to get some insight:

Donald Trump Jr., who has 3 million Twitter followers and 1.3 million Instagram followers, told me there is “exactly zero doubt in my mind” that tech bias is real: “I don’t think [this issue] is going away, because I don’t think it’s changing.”

The president’s oldest son, reflecting Trumpworld’s growing appetite for action against Big Tech, said the companies need to self-regulate better: “Many of these platforms get many benefits from the government.”

Don Jr. tells Axios that if a Trump supporter in the tech world created a conservative, Facebook-like social network, he would urge Trump supporters to switch to it.

It’s almost as if they’ve never heard of ReaganBook, the last time Wingnuttia tried to make their own Social Media platform, because: the truth has a liberal bias.

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10 Responses to Trump’s War on Algorithms, Cont.

  1. roket says:

    There’s a Fairness Doctrine for that.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    The very same administration that ended Net Neutrality is now complaining that there’s no……….Net Neutrality. The Law of Unintended Consequences remains in full effect.


  3. RWW says:

    If Fox News, Bretibart, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones don’t have to be unbiased, then why would Facebook, or Google for that matter, have to be? I thought the magical, wonderful “Free Market” gave us all a choice to use or not use whatever is being offered. I don’t choose to use Facebook for many reasons, but why must it hew to whatever political slant pleases the current occupant of the White House or his idiot children or some hypocritical slob like Bannon?


  4. SO Bannon thinks the Government should seize the Big Data from the companies that have collected it, make it public trust, and then graciously allow the companies to use the data they paid to collect (Google ain’t free to run, folks!)

    How, well deeply socialist of him…dare I say National-Socialist of him?


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