America’s Green Rooms Go To Half-Staff

The American Press Love Doll

I’m sorry.

We return to Grandpa Walnuts, once again. The media just won’t let the man remain dead, they expect him to roll the rock past the cave opening and return to giving sound bites.

Here’s the thing: Sen. John McCain might not have invented access journalism, but even in death, he is exhibit A for why access journalism is so pernicious to journalism.

In roughly alphabetical order here are some of the maudlin takes that our allegedly unbiased media are bleating and mewling:

Well, we would expect Fox News to lead the list, now, wouldn’t we? We move on to CNN

As always with CNN, it is hard to discern if the story is about McCain or the reporter. You read it and decide.

Amusingly, David Drucker gets right to the heart of access journalism:

MSNBC’s Kassie Hunt embarrasses herself and journalism.

“Sen. McCain, after a decade of trying to keep up with you in those marble hallways, I know the place that you so loved is going to be a lesser place without you. My hope for this Congress and this country is that remembering and honoring your life and legacy, sir, will inspire the best among us to serve as you did. Godspeed.”

And if that were not enough, Hunt later tweeted:

One wonders if Hunt will push Cindy McCain out of the way and fling herself on the casket as McCain is lowered into the Eternal Green Room. We move on.

WaPo’s Josh Rogan also embarrasses himself and journalism and Dana Milbank does it, too/also.

Not to be outdone by the WaPo, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni embarrasses himself, and so too, do Bret Stephens and Gail Collins.

Seung Min Kim reminds us that he was a crank. A crank who always took their questions.

NPR’s Tim Mak reminds us that Grandpa Walnuts was an asshole.

Such fond memories, Mak?! Bet you told that one a lot. Maybe he was competing with NYTimes’ Glenn Thrush for the kindest of assholes beat:

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8 Responses to America’s Green Rooms Go To Half-Staff

  1. RWW says:

    Yep, it goes on and on. Couldn’t watch Nicole Wallace yesterday on MSNBC because she had David Fucking Petraeus on and was drooling all over him too in route to her entire panel drooling over McCain. Absolutely disgusting. The thing I’m really sick of is the refrain about how “there’s no one left now who believes in compromise…” as if the whole fucking Democratic caucus in each fucking chamber isn’t full of willing and able compromisers on every fucking issue. Also/too let’s not forget that Saint McCain did absolutely nothing to stop McConnell from stealing a supreme court seat, and in fact enabled that theft. Merrick Garland was the definition of a compromise nomination, but McConnell played the hardest of hardball games, and McCain went right along with it as he did with almost every other hardball game McConnell ever played.

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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    OK yeah, this is all distastefully maudlin nonsense from access journos flailing to keep themselves in the public eye, so, you know, yuck!

    But you just know the more of this there is, and the longer it lasts, the more it irritates the snot out of Trump. If there’s one thing that drives him up the fucking wall more than anything else, it’s having someone else dominate the news cycle, especially if the coverage is full of praise.

    So on this occasion it’s fine with me if they drag out their commemorative treacle for weeks just to torture that odious sack of shit.

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  3. Redhand says:

    Maybe he was competing with NYTimes’ Glenn Thrush for the kindest of assholes beat

    A nice turn of phrase.


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    A veritable orgy of self-aggrandizement.

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