RIP, Sen. John McCain

While I don’t take back a word of the spitballing we gave him over the years, we will miss him, and his antics. In our Trumpian age of burnt-earth politics, I cannot imagine anyone on the Right being as good a sport as he was. As much as I disagreed with him, I always thought that he would really be the one you could sit down and have a beer (not a Bud, sorry Cindy) and a laugh.

They literally do not make ’em like Grandpa Walnuts anymore. An era is ending.

Our condolences go out to the McCain Clan.

McCain was 81.

(video: hat tip Scissorhead Bruce388)

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18 Responses to RIP, Sen. John McCain

  1. miroker says:

    Hate to say it as I am part of that generation in a way, but world will not progress until people like McCain are out of the picture. Far too much of the past lives in the present for those like him.


  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    I’d never seen that before. Enjoyed it.
    He could be a class act, no question.
    I wonder if any of us will live long enough to see a return of this kind of thing? There are certainly a few Dems, including some impressive young flamethrowers, showing more than a little promise, but goddam if it ain’t some gloomily slim pickings over on the other side.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Despite your career missteps, John, we’ll always have Yonkers. This one’s for you


  4. Jim says:

    RIP Senator McCain. I never bought into his “maverick” self-imaging; he was a dedicated conservative and, excepting only defeat of Obamacare, voted for the Trump agenda down the line. But he had a few red lines that his degraded GOP Senator colleagues didn’t including prisoner torture, funding the VA responsibly and saving Obamacare. He also worked across the aisle something seldom seen amongst the massive resistance GOP. We won’t see his like in the GOP for a long time, if ever.

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  5. another kiwi says:

    Not having a Republican who doesn’t bring to mind Witchsmeller Pursuivants will be unusual for a day or two

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  6. HarpoSnarx says:

    Well I’m sorry he won’t be around to twist DonLeaveMeAlone!’s intestines. I’m still glad Obama kicked his and Mooselini’s asses . . . but then he left us a shriller, louder SoyBlo. Thanks a lot Maverick.

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  7. Osirisopto says:

    He started life with a silver spoon, lived through hell, came back and was a pain in the ass to a lot of people.
    I didn’t like him, I didn’t like his politics or his privilege. I did respect him, because he deserved it.


  8. tengrain says:

    As I said, I don’t take back a word of what we said; I think in fact that MPS was remarkably even-handed. From Keating 5 to hugging Chimpy after that disgusting r-f’ing he got in 2000 Goat Rodeo, Walnuts was always about getting in line and was a pretty standard-issue conservative. Mooselini? That was craven, and he knew it. Thanks a lot, jerk.

    There’s a lot of revisionism already going on, and the Noonan-esque hagiography is enough to gag a maggot: “the greenrooms will be at half-staff”, and yes I saw that one already. The media loved him best, and I think that is what will shape everyone’s memory of him. Which is too bad. It obscures the real man, who was a nasty bit of misogynistic work, belligerent and bellicose when it came to our country’s enemies, especially if they were not white, and Christian.

    All that said, I will never question his love of our country, and that deep down, he wanted to do the right thing (not something I can say about his other Amigos). Of course, whenever he did do the right thing, it was often for all the wrong reasons. He voted against the GOP rat-fucking of the ACA, not because he wanted it for his constituents, he wanted the Senate to return to regular order. What a saint.



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    • tengrain says:

      OK, also/too: Grandpa Walnuts knew he was a year away from playing taps, so he could have been a real maverick and done something other than toe the line for Mitch McConnell and for the mango-hued shitgibbon, but he did not.

      He KNEW he was never going to be up for re-election, that he was free from having to kiss the ass of the base ever again, and so he could have done something/anything/everything to change the many things he campaigned on: vets, or to stop torture, or any number of other issues he allegedly believed in.

      But instead, the old Maverick got in line.

      And for that matter, he could have resigned and let Arizonastan have some real representation in Congress, but instead he held his office until it was too late to have an election in 2018, and so now there is going to be an appointment for 2 years and then a special election for the remaining 2 years in 2020, and then an election for the next full term in 2022. And that was just for his own ego.

      Hagiography be damned, he was just another complicit Republican, only with a more interesting back story.

      OK, I’m officially in the crank column, but the more I hear the hagiography, the more I feel I am right about him.




  9. The Match says:

    This from lawyersgunsmoney sums it up well:


  10. Mac from Oregon says:

    Indeed, John will b missed, but not for his politics but for his class, and service ro the country.

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    • purplehead says:

      Did he serve this country well? I don’t think so. I hate that expression. Most often used glibly and without thought. “Thank you for your service to our country, soldier, for killing all those brown people.”

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  11. Had a deep conversation with the Mrs desertrat about this, this evening,


    • stupid WordPress, hit return and there’s no edit.

      She brought up things about “propriety’, and ‘how a proper lady should act’ things (old, long ‘conflict with parents and children’ things) but it made me think .

      She is not a fan. He had a reputation as a ‘maverick’, a reputation thoroughly promoted, but rarely true.

      It reminded me that we should judge men by their deeds, not their words, and his were largely on the side of evil. That he gave a last minute reprieve to Obamacare is irrelevant in the face of his opposition to that point. Most of his life, he served the cause of thee wealthy and elite. He like to talk about being ‘Fifth from last in his class at the Naval Academy’.

      Fifth from last at Annapolis is ahead of 99.99% of all the rest of us. It is not a thing to b proud of, not when you’re the son and grandson of Captains and Admirals. It sure as hell isn’t a mark of being ‘one of the rest of us’.

      The true measure of a man is not what he does when he is facing death, but what he does when he is comfortable and confident in his power….

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  12. Infidel753 says:

    Perhaps the best tribute to McCain is the hateful things being said about him by the slimiest denizens of the under-the-rock wingnutosphere. The comments on Breitbart’s post about his death are an absolute cesspit. If a man is judged by his enemies, he should be proud.

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    • ming says:

      They had to disable the comments at Fox News. The slimiest denizens aren’t really hanging out under a rock any more. They’re out loud and proud to be the crappiest people on the planet.

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