The Russians Are Here, The Russians Are Here!

“Trust me, comrades, why would I lie?”

It should come as a surprise to exactly no one that the Russians are ready for an encore performance of their smash success in undermining our democracy.

Microsoft (!) discovered that Russian hacking group APT28 had set up a number of fake website in an attempt to spearphish voters (fake websites designed to look like real websites, for purposes of stealing passwords and other information, you know like they did for the Podesta bolognese recipe, from the Clinton campaign and the DNC). This time the targets, oddly, were Republican think tanks (I know! Who’s ever heard of a thinking Republican!) the Hudson Institute and the International Republican Institute.

Believe it or not, both of those think tanks are considered to be hostile to Prznint Stupid, and they are noted for being anti-Russian. So maybe it makes sense that the Russians would want to get a hold of users:

Among those targeted were the Hudson Institute, a conservative Washington think tank active in investigations of corruption in Russia, and the International Republican Institute, or IRI, a nonprofit group that promotes democracy worldwide. Three other fake sites were crafted to appear as though they were affiliated with the Senate, and one nonpolitical site spoofed Microsoft’s own online products…

…Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit took the lead role in finding and disabling the sites, and the company is launching an effort to provide expanded cybersecurity protection for campaigns and election agencies that use Microsoft products.

Ah. Liability. Thank-you Microsoft, regardless of your motivation, you done did good!

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2 Responses to The Russians Are Here, The Russians Are Here!

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Have the Rs realized yet that the enemy of my enemy is my friend theory doesn’t work if they’re also your enemy.

    But TAX CUTS!


  2. MDavis says:

    Let’s see – Microsoft is working on cybersecurity. Dominos is offering to fix pizza-related potholes. What’s next, Tesla stepping in to repair bridges? Twitter actually enforcing its own rules? Alcoa offering to replace those lead pipes in Flint with alternate materials?
    I remember when I thought that the US government was doing this stuff as part of its job. I think I was 17 – technically still a teen.


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