$20M Amero Question

Touched By An Angel, or at least a Fed.

Comrade Trump’s Worst Lawyer (sorry, Rudy!) Michael Cohen, made it to the front page of the NYTimes! “Trump’s Ex-Lawyer, Investigated for Bank Fraud in Excess of $20 Million”

“Federal authorities investigating whether President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen, committed bank and tax fraud have zeroed in on well over $20 million in loans obtained by taxi businesses that he and his family own, according to people familiar with the matter. Investigators are also examining whether Mr. Cohen violated campaign finance or other laws by helping to arrange financial deals to secure the silence of women who said they had affairs with Mr. Trump.

“The inquiry has entered the final stage and prosecutors are considering filing charges by the end of August, two of the people said. Any criminal charges against Mr. Cohen would deal a significant blow to the president. … Federal investigators in New York are seeking to determine whether Mr. Cohen misrepresented the value of his assets to obtain the loans, which exceed $20 million. They are also examining how he handled the income from his taxi medallions and whether he failed to report it to the Internal Revenue Service.

…”The inquiry has entered the final stage and prosecutors are considering filing charges by the end of August.”

So, I know what you are thinking: What impact will these charges have on the investigation into the Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac?

Bob Mueller be like…

Cohen probably knows stuff that Mr. Mueller  would like to know. After all, he claims Comrade Trump knew about the infamous meeting in Trump Tower with every known Russian in the lower 48, ahead of the meeting itself.

Cohen has signaled in the press that he’s willing to flip, you know, if he was made an offer. That said, as we noted previously, all his records and devices were seized already, he might not have anything worth negotiating.

So the tell is what Mr. Mueller does next. If Cohen really can verify his claim that Comrade Trump was informed about the meeting ahead of time, that might be valuable.

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6 Responses to $20M Amero Question

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    From today’s paper:
    “If the matter is not finalized by the end of Aug., prosecutors probably will wait until AFTER the election…That schedule would conform with the Justice Department’s informal policy of avoiding bringing politically sensitive cases that could INFLUENCE voters close to the election.”
    (Emphasis mine.)

    Sure, let’s hide the facts from the poor, impressionable voters. There’s another “I” word they should have used instead of “influence” – INFORM. I can’t but help think that there’s something that smells about this whole area of investigation, along with the Manafort trial, and it has nothing to do with the fish in Denmark. It’s like they’re tip-toeing around the crux of what concerns most loyal, patriotic Americans: Hair Furor and his evil henchmen collaborating and conspiring with those damned Russkis, to fraudulently install him as Fearless Leader. He has done literally NOTHING to disabuse us of the notion that he’s Pootey-poot’s favorite punch. Quite the opposite, he’s clearly demonstrated, over and over, that he’s beholden to a foreign gov’t. that is openly hostile to the U.S.

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    • Osirisopto says:

      It’s hair furor. Leaving the investigation open through tthe election is like asking a guy drinking Mad Dog if he’s stopped beating his wife.


    • RWW says:

      Yes, exactly this. However, I’m on the knife’s edge whether there’ll be a whitewash and a dustpile swept under the rug, or whether the extraordinary circumstances of having an insane criminal traitor in the White House is going to lead to the extraordinary outcome all sane citizens are hoping for. The absolute necessity of indicting and convicting this sitting president is upon us, despite all those hedges, courtesies and polite guidelines of yesteryear supposedly saying otherwise. If Mr. Mueller doesn’t see this, the Republic is cooked for good.

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    • Jules MomCat says:

      I call him “Suckface,” ’cause he always looks like he’s puckering up to give Pooty a blow job.


  2. Osirisopto says:

    Unlike Manafort because he’s already “betrayed” trump he can’t count on a pardon.

    Looks like masterful manipulation of the stupid and greedy by Mueller.



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