Hush… Hush, Sweet Harlot

Seething Rage.
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Hot damn, another day and another recording:

“The tapes of Ms. Manigault Newman’s private conversations with Mr. Trump and other officials connected to him have rattled the White House in a way that few things other than the special counsel investigation into possible campaign collusion with Russia have. Mr. Trump’s aides have been concerned that they will make appearances on other tapes, of which Ms. Manigault Newman is believed to have as many as 200. …

Sweet Jumpin’ Jeebus!

“Some major donors to Mr. Trump were bothered by the revelations that the campaign may have been used as a slush fund to pay fired or troublesome employees, said Dan K. Eberhart, an Arizona donor and energy executive who serves as an adviser to the America First Policies group created to support Mr. Trump’s agenda.

“‘It’s diverting donor money that could be used to wage the midterm election battle or store resources for Trump’s re-election,’ Mr. Eberhart said. ‘Instead, it’s an elongated hush payment.’ He added, though, that he did not believe it would dissuade donors. ‘They still want to win elections,’ he said.”

So what is this hush money of which the NYTimes speaks? This newest recording features Lara Trump (the one married to Not-Squiggy Trump), offering Omarosa a $15,000/month job, and on the recording Lara praises her and tells her to join the campaign because she is so awesome. Compare and contrast that with Comrade Racist calling her a dog.

We now turn our attention to The Reliable Sources Newsletter, which informs us that Comrade Stupid is going for a scorched earth strategy to deal with Omarosa – he’s attempting to sue the publisher of her book!

Publisher defends “Unhinged”
This back and forth is reminiscent of Macmillan’s defense of “Fire and Fury” last January: O’s publishing house, Simon & Schuster, apparently received a letter from legal pit bull Charles Harder, litigation counsel for the Trump campaign. The publisher’s outside counsel Elizabeth McNamara replied on Thursday, and CNN’s Kaitlan Collins obtained the response first.

According to McNamara, Harder threatened that S&S would be subject to “substantial monetary damages and punitive damages” for claims arising from the book. “My clients will not be intimidated by hollow legal threats and have proceeded with publication of the Book as schedule,” McNamara wrote. “Should you pursue litigation against S&S, we are confident that documents related to the contents of the Book in the possession of President Trump, his family members, his businesses, the Trump Campaign, and his administration will prove particularly relevant to our defense.”

“An obvious attempt to silence legitimate criticism”
Key graf from McNamara’s response to Harder: “Your letter is nothing more than an obvious attempt to silence legitimate criticism of the president. Put simply, the book’s purpose is to inform the public. Private contracts like the NDA may not be used to censor former or current government officials from speaking about non-classified information learned during the course of their public employment.”

Here’s the essential thing to note: Omarosa makes claims in her book, gets questioned about them, and then publicly releases a recording to back up her claims. Each time she does this she build credibility that she’s telling the truth. There’s a big, Reality TeeVee-style reveal coming at some point. Oh, and her book is now the #2 best seller. This strategy is working for her on all levels.

And here’s the tell: after the latest recording was played on MSNBC, Hair Furor attacked Omarosa, but he never denies that the recording is real and that Lara Trump made Omarosa an offer that she could indeed refuse.

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7 Responses to Hush… Hush, Sweet Harlot

  1. RWW says:

    The media constantly demands that Omarosa back up her extraordinary claims with documentary proof, yet consistently fails to hold Comrade Stupid or anyone in his misadministration to the SAME STANDARD.

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    • tengrain says:

      It really feels disorienting to be rooting for Omarosa, but she is doing good work. And yes, it is showing us AGAIN how feckless our failed media really is. Not Fake News, just failed punditry.




  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Omarosa learned well how reality TV works. A lot of stuff ends up on the cutting room floor, and she took steps to handle the editing herself for Shitshow 45.

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  3. roket says:

    Lara wants her NDAs back.

    “Another one of Omarosa’s ‘bombshell’ tapes is a fraud. The discussions about a position with the campaign took place in numerous phone calls over the course of several weeks. Woman to woman, I shared a connection with Omarosa as a friend and a campaign sister, and I am absolutely shocked and saddened by her betrayal and violation on a deeply personal level,” Lara Trump said.

    The bribe is not the problem but the tattletale is.

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    • osirisopto says:

      Is that Shakespeare I hear in the background?


    • RWW says:

      Fraud? Like Comrade Stupid being caught on tape pretending not to know that his own chief of staff fired her and pretending to be unhappy about it and then not ordering her firing rescinded if he was so unhappy about it….that kind of fraud? The president who can do anything with his Article II powers and is “the only who matters” in his administration…that kind of fraud?


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