The Lyin’, the Witch Hunt, and the Wardrobe: Closing Arguments

“I hear Curaçao is nice.”

And on the 12th day, they had their closing arguments, 2-hours each. The prosecution essentially said that the documents make the case, pay attention to that. The Defense said that the witnesses were unreliable.

Then Judge Ellis spent nearly as much time giving the Jury their instructions!

And here’s the thing: IF the Jury does look at the evidence, clearly $60M Ameros that never made its way into US Banks (but does find its way into 30+ off-shore banks) and never gets taxed is a crime. Manafort’s defense is essentially that for some reasons Rick Gates cheated on Manafort’s taxes, which makes no sense.

And there is no defense for the Ostrich-skin jacket. They should convict the bastard just for that!


  • Day 1: Focusing on the crime
  • Day 2: Focusing on the Crime Against Fashion!
  • Day 3: Focusing on expensive bad taste–meets–petting zoo!
  • Day 4: Focusing on the mystical ability of gullible accountants to put you to sleep!
  • Day 5: Focusing on the gorilla who didn’t fling poo
  • Day 6: ¡SNAP!
  • Day 7: Focusing on why you cannot shame the shameless
  • Day 8: The subject of Comrade Trump makes its appearance!
  • Day 9: Mysterious delays, and a conned banker pays-to-play!
  • Day 11 the Defense rested without presenting any witnesses or other evidence.
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6 Responses to The Lyin’, the Witch Hunt, and the Wardrobe: Closing Arguments

  1. roket says:

    I’m sure the NRA will be able to create a position for him after his conviction and pardon.


  2. diane says:

    I could be wrong but, I have a bad feeling about this. Something felt off with this trial.


  3. RWW says:

    The only question is whether Comrade Stupid makes Paulie Wingnuts spend a boatload of Ameros staging a quixotic appeal before being given a pardon, or just grants one immediately after the guilty verdicts. Can’t predict what an insane criminal will do other than it will be insane and criminal.

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