Securitude! Another Stunning Win for Comrade Putin!

“Run, little Trumpling, run!”

If you have not heard it yet, Comrade Prznint Stupid just yanked security clearances of his critics (most of whom did not have security clearances, so how’z that for playing Calvinball?) — most notably the clearance of former director of the CIA John Brennan.

Notably, Comrade Trump has NOT yanked Michael Flynn’s security clearance, though he has plead guilty to lying to the FBI, so go figure.

This sums it up:

We’ve talked before about why the retired leaders of the assorted security apparatus keep their clearances, so you already know why this is a stupid move. Current CIA Director Mike Pompeo cannot talk to Brennan now for advice, it would be a security breach. So whatever intelligence and experience Brennan has just became inaccessible to the CIA and the rest of the various agencies.

It really is a win for Putin for the US to lose that kind of institutional knowledge.

UPDATE 1: And so it begins…

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8 Responses to Securitude! Another Stunning Win for Comrade Putin!

  1. Pyed says:

    As long as the imbecile hoi polloi down in the holler don’t realize how destructive a move it is — and they won’t — the Orange Shitebabbler can chalk it up as a win,

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  2. osirisopto says:

    Vindictiveness towards a member of the CIA and undermining the security of the US all in one move.

    Wisdom comes slowly to most, painfully to some and other it just passes by.


  3. tengrain says:

    If this is just another scandal trying to push Omarosa off of the front pages, he miscalculated. This one really weakens us, and I’m going to guess that the rank & file are not gonna be happy about this. He was one of theirs, this might really backfire.




    • Well, so long as Pompeo isn’t purging the rank&file, too, and replacing them with dominionist nutjobs. This is happening at the FBI and DOJ; I can only presume the national security apparatus is being similarly hollowed out.

      And when the weakened national security apparatus misses the Reichstag Fire next 9/11 we’re off into Dystopia-Land…


  4. roket says:

    Further proof that Democrats are held to a higher standard.


    • Alison Redford says:

      That’s for damn sure.
      I’m thinking, though, that Pompeo got moved to Sec. of State, and they either have or are trying to put Gina Haspel in charge of the CIA. But the basic premise of endangering national security by revoking the clearances still stands.
      (I only recall about Pompeo because he used to be the US Rep in my district. Awful man.)


  5. Redhand says:

    We can’t get rid of this deranged fuck fast enough.

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