About Last Night…

T-Paw and Mascott: which is which?

Here’s the short take: the Dims had the enthusiasm in the primaries yesterday, and against all odds, the Dims got out to vote! Look at these numbers!

  • Vermont: 60,000 Ds vs. 36,000 Rs
  • Wisconsin: 538,000 Ds vs. 456,000 Rs
  • Minnesota: 581,000 Ds vs. 320,000 Rs
  • Connecticut: 212,000 Ds vs. 143,000 Rs

Wingnuttia ought to be sweating like the proverbial hooker in church, because even if the usual Dim drop-off happens in an off-przninitial cycle, it would have to drop off bigly.

There will be a lot of talk today about Scott Walker so easily winning the nomination for a third term, but Tony Evers, his Democratic opponent, is currently polling ahead of the ol’ Turdwaffle. (NBC/Marist has Evers +13)

T-Paw effectively ended any aspirations he might have to return to elective office. Let’s just say in the age of Trump, T-Paw be…


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4 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. Bruce388 says:

    T-Paw said he’s not a Trump-like politician. These days that’s a fatal condition for Goopers. Slashing the highway budget and watching a major bridge collapse as a result should have terminated his career years ago.

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  2. I’m embarrassed to note that it took me quite a while to remember who T-Paw is? (He’s not in the MPS nickname list) his face looks just so…generic white guy Republican to me. Here’s hoping that the D’s crush them in WI this year.


    • Jules MomCat says:

      When we were kids, back in the ’50s, conventional wisdom, based on experience, maintained that preachers’ kids were the worst. So, Walker came by it genetically.


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