WTF Is The Matter With Kansas This Time?

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Kansas’ incumbent Republican Governor Jeff Colyer has conceded to Sec. State Kris Kobach after a razor-thin primary fight. Only two incumbent governors in Kansas have lost their bid for re-election before — the last time in 1956.

I know, I know. The theory is that Kris (K?) Kobach will be easier to defeat because even Wingnuttia doesn’t like the racist fucktard. But what if they don’t-don’t like him?

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6 Responses to WTF Is The Matter With Kansas This Time?

  1. Wingnuttia has a remarkable ability to get in line behind the Horrible Fucktard on Offer. Because after all, he is not a Democrat…..


  2. Alison Redford says:

    I know. I’m looking at this both ways. Kobach, being Kobach, is likely to win, because it sure seems as if there are more a—–es in Kansas, than non-a—–es. OTOH, we did elect Kathleen Sebelius twice, and even with an insane legislature, we got a few things done. That said, we’re in a bigger mess than we were back then, so maybe people will vote Kelly (the Dem candidate) because it’s what Kansans do: elect Republicans, and keep electing them until the mess is so big that they elect Dems to clean it up. There is also a Libertarian, and a non-affiliated candidate in the race. It is unfortunate that the unaffiliated guy will get at least some of the Republican votes of people who can’t vote Kobach but also can’t vote Dem. And those votes could make the difference.

    I’m ready to move…


  3. RWW says:

    Basically, KKKobach got to pick who voted and then got to count the votes of an election he was himself running in. And it’s a shocker that he narrowly won? I’d say Puppet Master Putin taught KKKobach a thing or to]wo, but he actually didn’t have to.


    • Condi says:

      What RWW said, doubled.

      What should be done immediately is for Kobach to recuse himself and his boot-lick toady deputy from anything to do with the upcoming election.

      What will actually happen is Kobach’s grubby hands will be all over a questionable election.


    • Alison Redford says:

      Actually, most of the people who handled the actual votes (virtual votes? Almost all electronic, most with no receipt due to expense) are what I would call Kobach surrogates; most are also Republicans who were elected by the majority of local voters. The Republican machine is well coordinated. So, it really doesn’t make a difference, except that Kobach has and will continue to point out that he and his office don’t actually handle the votes, it’s a true point, and it’s enough to hold on to for most people here. It’s gonna be a long, hard campaign for Laura Kelly, but we’re moving forward on that, now.


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